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AV Gets Fit: Are you up to the challenge?

Join staff from your favourite business magazine in a friendly fitness competition to kick off 2015 >

Alberta’s Business Person of the Year: ATB Financial’s Dave Mowat

He’s the face of the business, its biggest booster and its chief troubleshooter >

Sphere of Influence: Shadow Workers

Employees who work here but pay their income tax elsewhere are a not-so insignificant chunk of our workforce >

Need to Know: Sam Jenkins

Co-founder and CEO of Wellnext, Sam Jenkins is making his mark on the corporate wellness industry >

Verbatim: Grant Fagerheim changes his stripes

Grant Fagerheim has a history of starting small companies and selling them off to larger players. Not this time, though. We wanted to find out more about his plans for Whitecap Resources. >

Feature Stories

(Advertorial) Leading the safety charge

St. Albert keeps its eyes on the prize—its employees >

Dec 1, 2014

Britt Land president honoured, Vogogo adds experience to its board, Athabasca University names interim president

The Spotlight: Celebrating Alberta business >

Dec 19, 2014

WTF: What’s in a Name?

Managing a crisis when somebody else sullies your brand >

Dec 16, 2014

Talking Point: Need More, Better Data

“It’s a dark day for statistics in Canada” >

Dec 9, 2014

Alberta’s Top 10 ­Business Stories of 2014

Prentice rises, grain gets snared, gas flares and seven other top tales >

Dec 8, 2014

AV Plus – The Alberta Venture Podcast (December 2014)

Tune in to hear about Canada's Pipeline Dialogue, a joint report between Alberta Venture and BCBusiness magazines, hear reaction to the flavoured tobacco ban in the province and we dive into the Top Alberta Business Stories of 2014 >

Dec 5, 2014
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Essential Alberta

Colby Coshes Smith While Oil Zombies Go Global

What's making news for Friday December 19, 2014 >

Dec 19, 2014
On the Money

On the Money: Life Of A Little Guy

Touchstone offers unexpected exposure to the Viking light oil play >

Dec 19, 2014
Tech Life

AV Gets Fit: Are you up to the challenge?

Join staff from your favourite business magazine in a friendly fitness competition to kick off 2015 >

Dec 18, 2014
Essential Alberta

One oil giant is hamstrung, another licks its wounds and the oil sands dodge a bullet in the European Parliament

What's making news for Wednesday December 17, 2014 >

Dec 17, 2014

Cenovus scales back capital budget

Move indicative of what’s happening in the sector >

Dec 15, 2014
Essential Alberta

Housing's Hot, Oil's Not -- Plus, a North American OPEC?

What's making news for Monday December 15, 2014 >

Dec 15, 2014
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