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2012 Fast Growth 50 Profiles

Jan 1, 2012

ClearMotive Marketing
#7 on 2012 Fast Growth 50
Most Recent Year Revenues: $1,857,055

Growth isn’t always a linear progression, a steady climb from one point to the next. ClearMotive Marketing’s numbers attest to that. After a middling year in 2009, the company more than doubled its revenues in 2010, growing them from $881,000 to $1,857,055. The full-service advertising firm, which says it distinguishes itself by “blending the science of marketing and the creativity of advertising,” offers a wide range of services that includes everything from logos and packaging to online and print campaigns. If the company’s hiring trends are any indication – it doubled its workforce in its most recent fiscal year – it’s having a hard time keeping up with all the work it’s getting.

Splice Software
#11 on 2012 Fast Growth 50
Most Recent Year Revenues: $1,823,518

Splice Software is more than your average telemarketing firm, and it has the results to prove it. The Calgary-based company, which uses personalized voice messaging and a scalable and reliable delivery platform to communicate with its clients’ target audiences grew its revenues from $191,227 to $1,823,518 over the last three years, an annualized rate of 209 per cent. Unlike more conventional direct marketing companies, Splice only contacts customers who have agreed to the privacy policy of its clients or otherwise provided their consent, and it shows the name and telephone number of the client on the caller ID. That’s an approach that’s clearly been good for business.

CoreTech Staffing and Professional Services
#23 on 2012 Fast Growth 50
Most Recent Year Revenues: $3,912,944

If there’s another labour crunch in the offing, Tasso Chondronikolis’s CoreTech Staffing and Professional Services is ready to meet the demand. The Calgary-based company is focused on providing solutions and support in specialized areas of IT, a market that could give the oil and gas industry a run for its money when it comes to growth. The numbers bear that out: it has grown its revenues from $2 million to more than $3.9 million over the last three years, while increasing the size of its workforce by an annualized rate of almost 20 per cent.

Airworks Compressors
#25 on 2012 Fast Growth 50
Most Recent Year Revenues: $2,425,462

Going green doesn’t have to mean solar panels and wind farms. Just ask Darryl Weflen, the CEO of Airworks Compressors, an Edmonton-based company that produces truck-mounted and standalone compact hydraulic units. All of its products are compliant with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier 4 standards and help truck owners and operators conserve fuel and satisfy anti-idling regulations. As a result, the company, which was founded in 2008 and has a distribution office in Phoenix, has seen its revenues grow by an annualized rate of 72 per cent since it was created.

Enerbuilt Technologies
#36 on 2012 Fast Growth 50
Most Recent Year Revenues: $5,832,681

Heating costs are a major concern for companies operating in Alberta’s oil and gas sector. Enerbuilt Technologies, which is owned and operated by Mike Dunn, is helping them bring those costs into line with its flameless heating solutions. They offer companies products, service and support that increase fuel economy, reduce manpower requirements and lower insurance costs. It’s an appealing value proposition judging by the Leduc company’s performance in its most recent fiscal year. It grew its revenues by 62 per cent and expanded its asset base by 279 per cent.

#41 on 2012 Fast Growth 50
Most Recent Year Revenues: $2,235,109

Forget zero to 60. Son Nguyen’s Calgary-based company, which offers electrical custom control panel solutions, has gone from zero to over $2 million in its first year of productive operations. Panelflex provides its products to both industrial and commercial customers, and the demand from both so far has been overwhelming. In addition to the explosive growth in revenues, the company also increased its asset base by 848 per cent and quadrupled its workforce in its most recent fiscal year.


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