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Fast Growth 50 repeat performers include Western Financial Group, TAG Recruitment Group and Yardstick Software

Meet some of our perennial Fast Growth 50 performers

Jan 20, 2012

It’s one thing to make it onto the Fast Growth 50 list. It’s quite another to make it onto the list again – and again and again. Meet the companies with the longest-running active streaks.

Six Years

Rocky Mountain Soap Company

The Canmore-based soap company first appeared on the Fast Growth 50 in 2007, when it placed sixth among companies with revenues under $20 million. It started to slide down the list after that, finishing eighth in 2008, fifteenth in 2009, 25th in 2010 and 36th in 2011, but it rebounded to 31st in 2012.

Six Years

yardstick software (formerly Leading Edge Technology)

Chris LaBossiere’s information technology company debuted on the list as Leading Edge Technologies at the 10th spot in 2007 before dropping to 16th in 2008 and 23rd in 2009. But a name change to Yardstick Technologies appeared to invigorate the company as it rose to 19th spot in 2010 and third overall in 2011. It slipped a bit in 2012, but still finished 13th on the list.

Four Years

3C Information Solutions

Kelly Candy’s company made its debut on the Fast Growth 50 in 2009, squeaking onto the list of companies with revenues under 10 million at 25th spot. It moved up steadily from there, rising to ninth in 2010 and eighth in 2011 before falling back a bit to 20th in 2012.

Four Years

Cognera Corp.

The Calgary-based billing and support services company has been a familiar presence on the Fast Growth 50 since 2009. It first appeared in 21st position before moving up to 16th in 2010. It fell back to 20th in 2011 and retreated to 45th in 2012. Time will tell whether it can hang on in 2013.

Four Years

TAG Recruitment Group

Alberta’s persistent shortage of skilled labour has been a millstone around the necks of many companies in the province, but TAG Recruitment Group has used it to drive growth – and an impressive four-year streak on the Fast Growth 50. Sheila Musgrave’s HR firm first showed up in 2009, placing 10th on the list of companies with revenues under $20 million. It dipped to 22nd in 2010 and ranked 45th on the 2011 list and 50th in 2012.

Three Years

Free Advertising
Care To Share Senior Services
Western Financial Group
Lift Interactive

All four of these companies have been fixtures on the Fast Growth 50 since 2010, with Free Advertising listed as McRobbie Optamedia in years past.

Meanwhile, Western Financial Group’s consistent performance attracted the attention of Desjardins Financial Group, which announced in December of 2010 that it would pay $443 million to buy the High River financial services company.

Yardsticking Together

If you’re thinking of starting a new company in the next 12 months, you might want to consider using the word Yardstick somewhere in the name. For the second year in a row, Yardstick Technologies joined Yardstick Software on the Fast Growth 50. And while it was the elder Yardstick that finished in third place in 2011, this year it’s the upstart that’s occupying that spot.


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