November 2012

Spreads hit Canadian Oil Sands' cash flow

Also: bad news about natural gas injection levels, and a lawsuit emerges from the wreckage of Poseidon Concepts disastrous recent performance  >

Taking it coast to coast

Startup Canada looks to build a national network >

The December Issue

Gift guides, predictions for 2013 and a profile of WestJet CEO Gregg Saretsky, Alberta's Business Person of the Year for 2012 >

The smart money makes its move

Also: Bonavista names a new CEO, and FirstEnergy weighs in on Crescent Point’s recent acquisition  >

Grande Prairie has Alberta’s largest number of filed patents

Secrets of success for the province’s seventh largest city  >

Carney calls it quits - should you care?

Also, brief updates on the Spartan-Pinecrest tie-up, the purpose of Capital Power's proposed shareholder rights plan and the impact of WestJet's "premium economy" seating  >

The big reveal

An update on PlanHero's progress >

Former Research In Motion executive Ray DePaul on why innovation is crucial to long-term success

A cautionary tale of hubris and the stages of failure >

Ski tour operator Backside acquires an ailing competitor and branches out into summer

A Company for All Seasons >

Green Friday

A look at a few picks by Aston Hill Financial's Joanne Hruska and a link to some interesting reading >

Marketing guru Terry O’Reilly on burnishing Alberta’s image

The lessons from New York’s transformation >

The Fullers come full circle at Earls Tin Palace

Sphere of Infuence: Family Style Dining >

Confessions of a real-estate developer gone wrong

Two Albertan land developers hit with penalties by the ASC in one day >

How to outfit your office in style

Lifestyle Essentials: Art Class >

Petronas resubmits - arbitrage opportunity awaits?

Also: interesting equity raises from Peyto and NuVista >

How an event that thrives on innovative ideas might be killing them

What's wrong with TED? >

Economist editor speaks in – and writes about – Alberta

Robert Guest visited Fort McMurray and attended the Transform Alberta summit in Banff >

Jana declares war on Agrium

Another New York hedge fund, another looming confrontation with a major Alberta company. Meanwhile, South American energy stocks get a boost from Pacific Rubiales's takeout of C&C Energia  >

René Thibault takes the helm of building-materials giant Lafarge in Western Canada

Verbatim: Building Blocks >

November 16th Rankings – The Small Business Superstars

Find out who's leading our Small Business Superstars contest! Voting ends November 30th! >

Mob Mentality

The Innovators >

Poseidon Concepts tanks

The markets were down today, but nobody took a worse thrashing than Poseidon shareholders  >

How local churches are reinventing themselves to suit the times

This Way Forward: Prayer Service >

Ontario teachers go all-in on Nexen-Cnooc deal

Plus, an update on one of Alberta's most volatile - and intriguing - investment opportunities >

Just another Brick in the wall

The Brick and Leon's team up to fend off U.S. retailers, while Q3 earnings season continues for Alberta's energy sector. Also, updated leader board rankings in our stock picking contest - with a new leader.  >

Zak Pashak opened a bar, started a music festival and ran for city council in Calgary.

So what’s he doing building bikes in Detroit? >

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012

Make the most of GEW 2012 by checking out the events in your area >

Breanne Everett takes the notion of an overachiever to a whole new level

Next Up: Triple Threat >

A Brief History of Albertan Innovations

Inspired by the land, the climate, a strong sense of justice and plain old curiosity, Albertans have been turning the world on its ear for almost a century  >

Poppy Barley brings the online made-to-measure business model to women's boots

This Edmonton-based startup took inspiration from Indochino to create their own line of women's footwear >

WestJet does it again

Also: Agrium disappoints, and Eric Nuttall dishes on the big themes for 2013 >

What you can learn from the world’s most innovative company

Four very successful Google innovations explained >

The debate over the value of protecting an invention

Legal Eagles: Property Rights >

What’s at stake for Alberta in the U.S. election, and who you ought to be rooting for

Obama VS Romney - what's in it for Alberta? >

The day after tomorrow

The U.S. election is tomorrow. How will markets react on Wednesday?  >

Encana is planning for natural gas-fuelled cars

But will that revolution happen in time to save the company that’s behind it? >

How Hurricane Sandy impacted small businesses on the East Coast

And other small business stories from October 22 - November 2 >

FirstEnergy Capital pounds the table for Legacy Oil and Gas

Plus: Imperial and Husky report, and Crescent Point makes another acquisition  >

Kelso Brennan’s business is growing by leaps and bounds, and that’s part of the problem

Overcoming the Limits to Growth: Lyle Reid has a few ideas >

October Rankings – The Small Business Superstars

Find out who's leading the pack as the second month of voting starts >

Why innovation ought to be more than a buzzword

What does innovation really mean and why is it so critical for Albertan companies? >

Adapting in a strange, marvellous world

We’re changing the way you experience this magazine. Get out your mobile phone and discover additional mobile-only content. >

International experience helped Helen Wesley climb the corporate ladder

Now she’s been recognized with the Haskayne 2012 Management Alumni Excellence (MAX) award >

Platinum Equities investors allege the defunct company was an ingenious scam from the get-go

Investors file a class-action lawsuit in their fight with Platinum Equities' CEO Shariff Chandran >

From energy to education, Alberta is already leading the world

Meet the 25 organizations making that happen >

Where is Alberta Innovates today, and where is it trying to take the province tomorrow?

The publicly-funded investment group was created almost three years ago >

Joey Hundert is not your average entrepreneur

And he wouldn’t have it any other way >

Outside investment is turning Alberta’s high-tech sector into a going concern

Three of Alberta's high-tech Best Buys >

Meet Riaz Mamdani

Strategic Group’s CEO gives his first-ever media interview, which is presented here verbatim >

Advertorial: Alberta Innovates (PDF)

The Best in Research and Innovation >

Advertorial: The Alberta Order of Excellence (PDF)

The Alberta Order of Excellence is about recognizing Albertans who have made a difference >

Advertorial: At Lenmark Exterior Innovations Inc. founder Ray Turner never stops looking for ways to improve (PDF)

When Turner takes visitors on a tour of his company’s facility, his pride is evident  >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Inkdit

Secure online filing system provides space for virtual contracts >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Iron Will Innovations

Brent Baier is fascinated with new computer input tools >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Alberta Ballet

“Pop ballets” are making the 54-year old Alberta Ballet relevant in a post-Balanchine world >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: eThor

Point-of-sale software designer named most innovative company in the world >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: The Health and Wellness Centre, Grande Prairie Composite High School

Accidental deaths and suicides prompt the development of the school’s new wing >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Radient Technologies

Denis Taschuk explores the use of high-density microwaves in pharmaceutical extraction >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Battle River Railway

Short-run farmer-owned railroad keeps Forestburg farms productive >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Swan Hills Synfuels

Martin Lambert believes clean coal is an option >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Benevity

Calgary startup’s software manages volunteering and corporate philanthropy >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Rosebud Theatre

If it wasn’t for its theatre school, the tiny town of Rosebud might not exist >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Intelligent Imaging Systems

Less than ten years after revolutionizing transportation industry policing, Brian Heath is poised to make more changes >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Landmark Group Of Builders

The company's goal: producing net-zero homes at no extra cost by 2015 >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Kenmore Holdings

The Kenmore father and son team developed a two-step process that significantly reduces the volume of waste that goes to the landfill >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Surface Medical

Fabrizio Chiacchia says that sealing surfaces is a better route to healthy patients than repeated disinfectants >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Userful

Tim Griffiths finds markets in war zones and developing countries for remote computer access >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Hemisphere GPS

Rick Heininger offers live, steaming data to farmers >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Greys Recycling

Rajan Ahluwalia finds a market for enrecycled clothing >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Quantiam Technologies

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Savanna Energy Services

Energy services firm forges partnerships with aboriginal groups  >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Wavefront Technology Solutions

Wavefront CEO Brett Davidson sells Powerwave, a unique process that improves fluid flow >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Himark Biogas

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Korite International

Gemstone manufacturing popular with tourist and Asian markets >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Gasfrac Energy Services

Robert Lestz believes gas gels will clean up fracking >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: Kinnikinnick

Jerry Bigam’s ovens bake 6,000 loaves at a time of palatable gluten-free bread  >

25 Most Innovative Organizations: XGen Studios

This Edmonton-based game developer says social gaming means face-to-face interaction >