January 2013

Swag 101

In 2012, digital marketing consultant Dana DiTomaso started a new firm called Kick Point, hired some employees and set out to change the way her clients and their brands interacted with digital media >

Home-Ice Advantage

Tax changes give the Oilers and Flames an edge; >

The Help Desk: Does my company still need a website?

Every month, we’ll be tackling a question from a reader and getting advice from the right experts in a variety of fields to help you answer it >

Five of Alberta’s Best Workplaces share tips on doing human resources right

Follow the Leaders: experience may be the best teacher, but good advice is a close second >

She’s lived here for just five years, but Evelyn Ackah is already the ultimate Albertan

Next Up: Practice Makes Perfect >

A look at the biggest forecasting follies in recent history

Etc: Prediction Pain  >

Why companies across the province should be using social media to find new hires

Need to know: a few tips on using social media to attract and engage >

What does a correction in Canadian real estate mean for Alberta’s builders?

Real-estate appears to be poised for a correction >

Penn West’s shares have been battered of late, but the upside remains intriguing

On the Money: Land Lords >

How an Edmonton-based company cornered the Canadian market for a new, still relatively unknown product – electronic cigarettes

Lighting It Up: Edmonton-based electronic cigarette maker Smoke NV is smoking hot  >

Is revenue sharing with employees a good idea?

Sharing the pie: there are all kinds of ways to motivate and retain good people, and some of them will work better with some employees than other >

A look at the strategies and chances for success of city planners in Calgary and Edmonton

Parks and Re-Creation: after years of supporting sprawl, city planners in Calgary and Edmonton are encouraging builders to come home to the core >

2013 Fast Growth 50 Profiles

Our list of Alberta's fastest growing companies for the past year >

Red Deer’s Shane Walper has built and grown two energy services companies from scratch

And he thinks other young executives can do the same >

Apply to be named one of Alberta's Best Workplaces!

2013 Business Person of the Year Luncheon Ticket Page

The Manfred James Group has built its business – and its success – by cutting red tape

For other businesses, government regulation is a problem to be dealt with >

Young photographer Corrie Side picks veteran Curtis Trent’s brain about setting up a successful photo studio

Why people really are your company’s most important asset

Human Capital: The global economy may still be struggling to find its balance, but Alberta is doing just fine, thank you very much >

NAIT turns 50

Sphere of Influence: Institutional Memory >

Three employee demographics you need to understand, and engage, to be successful

Tips of the trade for engaging and retaining under 30-year-olds, mid-career and baby boomer employees >

Alberta construction executive claims the poor workmanship of the early 2000s is now history

Have the lessons been learned from the provinces’s homebuilding boom-times of the early 2000s? >

Western Energy Services is number one on the Fast Growth 50

Drills, baby, drills: now it’s at the top of this year’s Fast Growth 50 because of strong teamwork and an appetite for acquisitions >

After a few years of relative absence, players in the oil and gas sector surge back onto the Fast Growth 50 list

A Return to Form >

Alberta’s Fast Growth 50 for 2013

The definitive list of Alberta's fast-growth champions  >

Foreign state-owned enterprises are targeting Canadian oil companies. Should we welcome their advances?

Should the federal government give the green light if a similar offer was tabled for one of the province’s truly major players – say, Encana? >

We kick-start 2013 with a content tune-up

Bring on a New Year >

Strategy Session: Managing Information Overload

How to stay informed and connected without getting overwhelmed >

A look inside the Banff Venture Forum through the eyes of two Albertan high-tech entrepreneurs

A Tale of Two Companies >

How one business owner brought strippers back to Lloydminster

Going to the Poles: the Border City’s ministers are fighting a losing battle against “loose morals. >

Like it or not, Snooki sells, and one Alberta business is trying to tap into her star power

Crapshooting for the Stars: the rewards – and the risks – of celebrity endorsements >