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It’s your turn, Alberta

We’re surveying Alberta’s business leaders about what matters to them

Michael Ganley is the editor of Alberta Venture. BizBeat takes a big-picture view of the provincial, national and international news affecting Alberta's business community. He can be reached at and @MikeatVenture

Nov 5, 2013

by Michael Ganley

Eight years ago, Alberta Venture conducted its first Business Conditions Survey by asking business leaders how they saw the state of the province, its business climate, its environmental record and more.

Five years later, we did it again. Now, we’re back at it one more time, asking you to take 15-20 minutes to provide us with your thoughts. These surveys are not merely polls, but stand as the definitive record of the ideas and attitudes of Alberta’s business leaders on the issues that matter to them.

So please, if you could spare the time, it would be greatly appreciated (maybe you can even spread the news among your entrepreneurial friends?). We will report on the results of the survey in the February issue.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you. Click here to take the survey.

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