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Fashion Statement

A Calgary cowboy-turned-salesman shares his elements of style

Aug 1, 2014

by Alberta Venture Staff

The Good Life Level Up Fashion Statement
Photograph Bookstrucker

Lucas Soutzo comes from a long line of Calgary-area ranchers, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at him. Instead of cowboy boots and belt buckles, he’s proper tailoring and polish, and he says the attention to detail pays dividends every day at work. “You have to be on your game – all the time. And the clothes are the starting point. If you put that little bit of extra effort in, people around you do better and you do better.”

You’re wearing a double-breasted suit. How’d that happen?
“When the guys told me that they were coming back, I thought, ‘Ah, really? That’s like something from Wall Street. Gordon Gekko wears that.’ But it’s coming back.”

Do you ever shop online?
“Shopping online is awesome if you already have an eye for it. But getting someone else’s opinion can’t hurt. It’s nice to have a counsellor, because they know what Pal Zileri and Boss are doing next season. They know what’s trending. And you don’t even have to shop there – just go in and chat with them. They like to talk fashion, and it’s fun talking to guys that are actually serious about how to dress well. It doesn’t happen by accident.”

Where’d you learn to dress the way you do?
“My grandfather was a gentleman – he wasn’t always wearing suits, but when it was time to put one on, he looked terrific. He even had a pocket watch. My dad was no slouch in that department either.”

Any sartorial advice for other guys?
“Don’t have a closet that’s packed with so much junk that you can’t see anything. Stick with your favourites. It’s like your roster – if you haven’t played in a year, or you don’t fit me quite right, you’re out, you’re done.”


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