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Railroaded: Farmers blame railways for lost billions

The harvest of 2013 should have been a windfall for prairie farmers. Instead, the grain industry lost billions. Here’s why farmers blame the railways – and why they’re banding together to change the rules >

Is a WHO report on the cancer risk posed by processed meats bad news for Alberta’s meat producers?

"If people are serious about reducing their cancer risk — and we're talking cancer risk here — the far greater risk reduction is to not smoke, to maintain a healthy weight." >

Keeping a Lid On It: Recent BSE scare has beef industry on alert

But nobody’s panicking yet >

New federal legislation is sowing a rift between seed developers and farmers

The Agricultural Growth Act was enacted in February >

Lacking Lifeblood: Why the province’s biotech sector is still searching for capital

“The future for Alberta’s life sciences industry remains bright” >

Wheat Brain

GMOs, genetically engineered products, Frankenfoods: Whatever you call them, they’re an emotive topic >

Go Local: Alberta’s Farmers’ Markets

The Alberta Farmers’ Market Association lists 89 markets on its website >

One for the Honey: Alberta’s Beekeepers

Alberta’s beekeepers have to contend with long winters, harmful pesticides and dangerous pests – oh, and run a business while they’re at it >

Conscience Costs: Some farmers ignore industry standards

A year ago, the Calgary Co-op resolved to phase out “intensive confinement cages” for pigs and chickens. But it’s just not that easy >

Mead in Alberta

How the traditional practice of turning honey into wine is finding new life >