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Five rural Alberta restaurants worth the drive

Alberta's epicurean excellence extends beyond the borders of its largest municipalities. So head out on the open road to these rural gems  >

by Alberta Venture Staff

Celebrating the latest jobs numbers for Alberta? Not so fast

The province added 18,900 jobs in March, the majority of them full-time. But is it a sign of recovery or is it just a blip?  >

by Michael Ganley

If Uber doesn’t return to Alberta, someone else will fill in the gap

Companies like Uber thrive in an unchained, free-market ethos — but cities can't allow them to operate unchecked  >

by Michael Ganley

Alberta Venture’s Top Five Under Five

Alberta Venture’s Top Five Under Five may come from all corners of the playground, but they share one thing in common: They're budding stars in their field  >

by Alberta Venture Staff

The Alberta Venture Podcast: A Special Report on Water

Oil sands producers race to reduce water usage; a battle brews over fresh water in Alberta's fracking heartland; and Alberta's First Nations are on the front lines of a drinking water crisis — we talk to the reporters behind the stories in Alberta Venture's Special Report on Water  >

by Elizabeth Hames

What the federal budget means for Alberta, and its businesses

Ottawa plans massive spending, $29.4 billion deficit with promises to extend EI benefits for key regions, as well as infrastructure funding  >

by Michael Ganley

Trudeau, Obama agree to cut methane emissions from oil and gas sector

Methane emitted by Canada's oil and gas sector accounts for about six per cent of the country's total GHG emissions  >

by Elizabeth Hames

Alberta to crack down on ‘predatory’ payday lenders

The province currently has among the highest maximum interest rates for payday lenders in the country, with interest rates on some loans reaching 600 per cent  >

by Elizabeth Hames

On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate Alberta’s most influential women

They are leaders in business and finance, they're pillars of Alberta's cultural community, and the future of the province is in their hands  >

by Elizabeth Hames
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