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Daniel Costa brings the taste of Italy to Edmonton

Costa opened his third restaurant to glowing reviews – as usual – proving he's Edmonton's top chef >

Contango Oil and Gas sees its future onshore, in West Texas’s Delaware Basin

Contango is one of the few small companies with the financial strength to make the transition from offshore exploration in the Gulf of Mexico to onshore North American resource play development  >

by Jody Chudley

Merging may be the best option for junior oil and gas companies during a commodity rout

Volterra considers a move from its old playbook  >

by Robbie Jeffrey

Reza Nasseri makes his Landmark

The founder and CEO of Landmark Group of Companies is building a more sustainable future  >

by Alberta Venture Staff

Silver Run’s asset base, balance sheet and CEO are all top-of-class

This acquisition company is a triple threat  >

by Jody Chudley

Terms of survival: renegotiating a business loan

Deep in debt, this once-mighty junior needs relief from its lending institution. But it won’t come easy  >

by Robbie Jeffrey

Calgary and Edmonton are creating a powerful lifestyle brand

Alberta's cities are on the cusp of joining the global club, but entry is not cheap.  >

by Kyle B. Murray

Earthstone Energy has promise in the Permian

Why this producer – and its exceptional management team – holds the keys to unlocking a horizontal oil play  >

by Jody Chudley

Is the grass always greener elsewhere for Alberta startups?

If you think so, maybe you're not looking in the right places  >

by Robbie Jeffrey

The three keys to an undeniable marketing strategy

The same techniques for compelling social media can be effective for entrepreneurial companies  >

by Kyle B. Murray