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We Love To Give – Here’s Why Marketers Bank On It

With Valentine’s Day coming, marketers will look to channel your generosity their way >

Kyle Murray is a professor of marketing and the director of retailing at the University of Alberta

Management Intel: Finding The Ideal Employee

A staffing expert helps Landscape Irrigation Solutions leverage its strengths to attract top talent  >

by Robbie Jeffrey

(White)capping off a great run

Whitecap Resources has run its business in a sustainable manner from day one  >

by Jody Chudley

Forget Followers – Be A Leader When It Comes To Your Online Reputation

Alberta Venture speaks with Dan Bergeron of the Calgary marketing agency Everbrave to addresses the myths and misconceptions around web-based branding  >

by Robbie Jeffrey

Some of your customers hate you – deal with it

Canadian companies have been focused on ­creating satisfied customers. Much less ­attention has been paid to the unhappy ones  >

by Kyle B. Murray

Getting the Brand Back Together

Calgary-based Landscape Irrigation Solutions wants a brand that will leave an impression. But will expert advice push it too far out of its comfort zone?  >

by Robbie Jeffrey

How employees benefit from flexible workplaces

Companies are increasingly adopting flexible workplaces to attract top talent, to the benefit of all employees  >

by Elizabeth Hames

On the Money: EOG Resources

This sleeper pick added 600 million barrels of oil to its bottom line and nobody noticed  >

by Jody Chudley

Management Intel: Why you should wait for several offers before selling

Breaking up with your company is hard to do – especially when it feels like your life’s work. But in a downturn, some offers are too good to pass up. Is it time to pack it in?  >

by Robbie Jeffrey

The free-Wi-Fi advantage may be gone, but Smart Wifi is the new option

Smart Wi-Fi allows business owners to control how much bandwidth is used and gathers data on what users do  >

by Elizabeth Hames