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For this heavy-oil producer, an outstanding hedge book is key to survival

Sixty per cent of Northern Blizzard's 2016 production is hedge at $60 per barrel, helping the company keep its head above water >

Jody Chudley is is a contributor to Agora Financial’s Outstanding Investments and Real Wealth Trader.

How to convert social media followers to customers

For startup SpikeBee, the trick to a strong ROI on social media will be the soft sell  >

by Robbie Jeffrey

Angel investor Kristina Milke reveals entrepreneurs’ most-common mistakes

If you can avoid these common mistakes, you’ve got a shot at some serious capital  >

by Robbie Jeffrey

The similarities between VR and early-1990s e-commerce are striking

Businesses that ignored e-commerce did so at their peril. Will the same be true of virtual reality?  >

by Kyle B. Murray

Even without a merger, the Halliburton-Baker Hughes deal offers an upside for shareholders

In November 2014, the world's number-two oilfield services firm announced it would aquire the world's number-three oilfield services firm  >

by Jody Chudley

The value of customer loyalty programs isn’t customer loyalty

The future of competition is not in the location of your business or the products you put in your shelf, but in your ability to use the data collected through loyalty programs  >

by Kyle B. Murray

Editorial: How to talk to your kids about oil and pipelines

The way to keep oil in the ground is not to pinch off a pipeline here and another one there. It’s to decrease the demand for oil  >

by Michael Ganley

There’s more than one way to sell your business. Here’s how to go out in style

According to David Sparrow of Deloitte, setting yourself up for a winning deal is easier than you’d think  >

by Alberta Venture Staff

Why you should be building your brand with job seekers

The current, chaotic environment presents an opportunity for firms to build their brands as employers of choice  >

by Kyle B. Murray

Is now the time to buy master limited partnerships?

MLP stock prices held up pretty well through the middle of 2015. Since then, though, panic has set in  >

by Jody Chudley