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Engineering & Architecture

Five things you can do to make your office more inviting, attractive and productive

“It’s one of the easiest things to spend money on and have great impact, because it’s there every day and people are using it anyway.” >

Closed Concept: What’s wrong with open-concept offices?

Open office layouts were supposed to be the future – so why do so many people hate them? >

The Office of the Future

What do Alberta’s biggest bank, a commodities trading firm and a parking garage have in common? They all feature some of the province’s most innovative office environments >

The Banff Springs Hotel turns 125

The Castle in the Rockies remains an iconic Alberta landmark >

How engineers can change their industry’s reputation

Building Bridges >

Eight examples of Alberta’s engineering expertise around the world

Have Skills, Will Travel >

Inside/Out: Rest in Piece

The General Hospital, Calgary >

Why engineers are the hottest commodity in Alberta

Help Wanted >

Architectural and engineering firms are locked in a dance of buy or be bought

Purchasing Power >

A new association builds a business voice for architects in Alberta

Conversation Starter >

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