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Engineering & Architecture

Closed Concept: What's wrong with open-concept offices?

Open office layouts were supposed to be the future – so why do so many people hate them? >

The Office of the Future

What do Alberta’s biggest bank, a commodities trading firm and a parking garage have in common? They all feature some of the province’s most innovative office environments >

The Banff Springs Hotel turns 125

The Castle in the Rockies remains an iconic Alberta landmark >

How engineers can change their industry’s reputation

Building Bridges >

Eight examples of Alberta’s engineering expertise around the world

Have Skills, Will Travel >

Inside/Out: Rest in Piece

The General Hospital, Calgary >

Why engineers are the hottest commodity in Alberta

Help Wanted >

Architectural and engineering firms are locked in a dance of buy or be bought

Purchasing Power >

A new association builds a business voice for architects in Alberta

Conversation Starter >

Meet Our Other Creative Class

As well as being a medical marvel that has improved life for diabetes patients around the world, the widely heralded Edmonton Protocol on pancreatic islet transplantation is a triumph of engineering excellence developed right here in Alberta >

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