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Alberta takes the lead in climate-change policy

Now, we need other jurisdictions to step up to the plate >

Is Alberta’s relationship with water broken?

Despite being a province known today for mountains and oil, our history is deeply tied to the elemental current of flowing water >

Reserves in Alberta are at the forefront of a national drinking water crisis

Reserves in Alberta are leading the charge to end a national drinking water crisis >

Is fracking behind this town’s dry water well?

People living in the middle of one of Alberta’s hottest oil and gas plays are running out of water >

Introducing our issue devoted to Alberta’s most precious resource – water

We bring you our water issue in the midst of an environmental debate driven by myth and misconception >

Oily Animals

The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute says the population of some species actually increases near the oil sands >

Why Suzanne West thinks it’s time for change

Plenty of people in the energy sector talk a good game on environmental and social responsibility >

Mapped: Water in Alberta

A geographical look at the issues and challenges in provincial water management >

Diversion Tactics: Recycling is a price-driven industry

Most Canadians recycle, but why don't we recycle as much as we could? >

Next Up: Radical Energy CEO Ryan Dick never gave up on the dream of solar energy, and now it’s paying off – in Ecuador

Meet Alberta’s up-and-coming solar energy entrepreneur >