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Behind the Clichés, a Revolution

Business education sounds about as innovative as a buggy whip. Don’t let that fool you >

Executive Education Guide

Business degrees, diplomas and certificates from Victoria to Turtle mountain ... >

How to hold a successful meeting or convention

The why, where and how of a great meeting or convention >

What technology do I need for my business event?

Effective communication should drive your technology needs >

Western Canada’s Meeting Places

From northern Saskatchewan to Vancouver island, plan your convention with the right information. These listings are provided FREE OF CHARGE to eligible businesses and organizations >

Be a Trade Show Ninja: Six tips for making the most of your time

No need for masks and swords – just good planning >

Bon Appétit: Navigating the challenges of catering your event

If you’re going to feed your guests, feed them right >

The Right Key: Picking a strong keynote speaker

A proper keynote speaker is the lynchpin of a good event >

Alberta Venture’s Guide to Business Education

The what, when, why and how of getting the most from your people >

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Small Business
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