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Unhealthy Innovation? Alberta lags on innovation in the health-care industry

Measured by patent filings, the province is falling behind >

Underprepared, Overwhelmed

Alberta’s senior housing market is about to get more beds, but will it make a difference? >

Update: Inventors Still Seeking Investors

Aquila Diagnostic Systems seeks global support for locally built diagnostic tool >

Medicinal Marijuana in Canada: A Timeline

With new rules set to take effect in 2014, we look back at how the government has handled medicinal marijuana over the years >

High Times: How to get in on Health Canada’s legal grow-op market

Growing marijuana is now a legitimate business – and a highly profitable one. The bad news? It’s not as easy as it might sound >

Hype or Help: The maker of Cold-FX debuts a new product

Dr. Jacqueline Shan made it big when she developed Cold-FX. She's at it again with a new line of products, but the question remains the same: do they actually work? >

Healthy, Happy, Productive You: How to take care of yourself and make it pay

Here's how you can take charge in 2014 >

How to fight back against stress this winter

The science is clear: stress can kill, but it doesn't have to. Plus, seven ways to find your thrills outdoors this winter >

Head Start: How to do something about mental health in the workplace

You’ve been talking about mental health in the workplace for a while. Now it’s time to do something about it >

Return on Wellness

Investing in workplace wellness isn’t just about feeling good – it’s also good business >