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Alberta government says new capital investment tax credit will spur job growth

The Alberta government says the $75-million credit will lead to $700 million in investments and "support thousands of direct and indirect jobs." >

Is this the end of IPOs in Canada’s energy sector?

After a short-lived flurry of activity in 2014, initial public offerings in the energy sector have returned to (relative) obscurity >

Why Alberta Won’t Endorse A National Securities Regulator

Alberta (still) opposes a national securities regulator, while the rest of Canada proceeds apace. We break down the province's abstention >

Albertans’ Crushing Household Debt

Basking in the glow of our natural resource wealth, Albertans have racked up perilous levels of debt. Now we’re struggling to pay it back – or giving up >

There’s A Crisis On The TSX Venture

Canada’s junior oil and gas companies are struggling to raise money on the public venture exchange. Can anything be done to help? >

Living the Bust: Meet Some Of Alberta’s Laid Off Workers

You’ve seen the numbers – now, hear from those rebuilding their lives after losing their oil-and-gas sector jobs >

The Wealth Of Nations: Alberta’s Share Of The 1%

The top one per cent in Alberta controls a disproportionate amount of income and pays a greater share of the province's taxes >

How To Rock Your Retirement

If you’re like most Canadians, you’ll spend a third of your life somewhere on the sliding scale of retirement. Best to start thinking about where you want to be and how to get there >

From Prairie Merchant To Big-City Tycoon: A Q&A With W. Brett Wilson

Public money, personal money, investments, philanthropy, carbon taxes – W. Brett Wilson has thoughts on all of it >

Tired of WTI: Tim Pickering introduces the Canadian Crude Oil Index ETF

Canadians lack the ability to track the price of Canadian oil. That’s changing. Now it’s time to give investors some of that market >

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