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On the Money: Buried Treasure

Kurdistan has some of the most profitable oil assets in the world but its neighbours might not let investors tap them >

The Smart Investor: Filthy Lucre

Why shareholders of Bennett Environmental might be about to clean up >

The Smart Investor: The Baby and the Bathwater

Migao Corp. has suffered from guilt by association. I think it will be exonerated by the markets >

Risk Management: How Can I Keep My Staff?

Make sure workers are emotionally and intellectually committed to work >

Next Up: Retirement to Riches

After years of building a business, you want to enjoy the fruits of your work. Enter Curtis Sim >

Risk Management: Avoid, Transfer or Accept

Your options for dealing with risk >

The Smart Investor: Insider Buying

Recent history hasn’t been kind to Intertape Polymer, but the future looks much better >

Legal Eagles: What Does the Debate Over a National Securities Regulator Mean for You?

With the governments of Alberta and Quebec squabbling with Jim Flaherty, who has a legal leg to stand on >

The Smart Investor: Dollar Daze

Why betting against the Canadian dollar is not necessarily a great idea >

Troubled Waters: The Rough Side of Real Estate Investing in Alberta

A pair of salesmen told an Alberta coal mining town that it could be a resort destination. Six years later, the scenic Crowsnest Pass is still learning a tough lesson about easy money and the business of real estate >

The Smart Investor: How to Take Advantage of the “Holding Company Discount”

Unlocking value key to investment firms that own resource stocks >

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