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Silver Run's asset base, balance sheet and CEO are all top-of-class

This acquisition company is a triple threat >

Days of Wine and Money

Forget ski cabins or luxury cars. The thing to have for Alberta’s business elite these days is a vineyard in the Okanagan Valley – or, for this humble scribe, a tiny share of one >

The Ultimate Investment Challenge

In the world of investing, there are numerous options and places to put your money, some riskier than others >

The Habits of Highly Successful Investors

You’re good at what you do and are well compensated for it >

What’s It Worth Today?

Company: Shaw Communications Inc. >

Trusty Performers

The tax brouhaha provides a buying opportunity for some better-run income trusts >

Slowdown Ahead?

#5 in an 8-part series on economic perspectives by Alberta business owners >

After the Hue and Cry

For Alberta’s royalty trusts -- the 30-odd income trusts engaged in oil and gas production that have come to occupy the middle ground between the majors and the juniors –- it is hard to imagine that 2007 could be any worse than 2006 >

On the Coattails of the Boom

The oil and gas industry bolstered Alberta’s red-hot economy in 2006. Next year, it’s time to look elsewhere >

Skin in the Game

On September 26 former WorldCom Inc. chief executive Bernard Ebbers, once an Alberta boy, drove his Mercedes to a Louisana medium-security federal prison to begin a 25-year sentence for orchestrating an $11-billion accounting fraud that made him rich but drove his company into bankruptcy and hurt millions of investors, customers and employees.

Getting in Too Deep

Few sectors are getting as much international exposure as Alberta’s oilsands. With the increasing demand for oil around the world, everyone is looking to the estimated 2.5 trillion barrels of bitumen in place as a solution to their energy woes. It certainly may be ours. At current consumption rates, it is estimated that there is enough oil to meet Canada’s needs for about 250 years. In total, 175 billion barrels may be recoverable with current technologies, ranking it as the world’s second largest oil reserve.