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Albertans' Crushing Household Debt

Basking in the glow of our natural resource wealth, Albertans have racked up perilous levels of debt. Now we’re struggling to pay it back – or giving up >

FirstEnergy’s Jim Davidson on what’s ahead for the public markets

The Financier’s Almanac: Davidson discusses his expectations for the capital markets and financing trends through 2013 >

Adding up the cost: Why a young investor’s aversion to risk is bad for everyone

The Folly of Youth >

The next great short: four potential targets for 2013

John Paulsen made a mint – and became a legend – shorting U.S. housing >

Finding value in Colombia through Petrominerales

The Upside Of Down: why this battered exploration company could be a find for investors >

Dollars and Sense: inside the weird (and sometimes wonderful) world of private lenders

Why private lenders have more in common with bankers than bookies, and why the economy needs them >

Former Investopedia boss Tom Hendrickson is building a financial media powerhouse in Edmonton

The company's one time president says forget Wall Street, he's staying at home >

Stockwatch 2012 Chart

The best-performing Alberta-based stocks of 2012 >

The issue of money

Our never-ending quest for better returns >

Are you hurting your own investment success?

Why your basic instincts may be your biggest roadblock >

Did you enjoy this year’s Money Issue?

Good – now find out how much you learned from reading it with our quick quiz. >