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Love Sweet Love

If you want to know what love is, try the latest ­cocktail from the Alberta Hotel Bar & Kitchen >

Renounce the Rose: 10 floral options for Valentine’s Day

The language of Love >

Boarding Pass: Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is the antidote to its drunk Americanized neighbour, Cancun. >

Just Eat It

Crushing your New Year’s resolutions – one meal at a time >

The desk-dweller’s guide to working out

It’s January, and you’re probably feeling a little bloated from turkey and bonbons >

Gifts for the Exec

The top of the corporate hierarchy is a powerful place to be. But even CEOs need an ego boost now and again. Help them look as important as they are with these local products >

The Heirarchy of Giving

Alberta designed and produced products for everyone in the company – from the top brass to the intern >

Secret Santa

Appeal to your co-workers’ base appetites. Give them the gift of indulgence and decadence >

What’s in the Cup?

It’s easy enough to order your morning cup of salvation (maybe not so easy for your barista to remember your triple, non-fat, extra hot, etc.). But it’s another to make it at home. >

Best of the Bean

All the equipment you need to escape the shameful office coffee >