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Oil & Gas

Oil companies look to drones as pressure to ship mounts

As other methods of shipment face challenges, oil-by-drone emerges as a new possibility >

The Changing of the Guard

With most of big oil's top brass approaching retirement, where will the next generation of leaders come from, and how will they differ from their predecessors? >

Now that the West is In

On April 4, the same day a chagrined Ralph Klein agreed to step down early, Jim Dinning cancelled a speaking engagement in Toronto >

Energy Boost

Oil and gas stocks moved up in a big way last year, propping up Canada's public markets >

Top 25 Oil & Gas Performers

Rank Top 100 Company Price* 1-Year Market Return
1 2 Pan Orient Energy Corp. $3.90 2129%
2 3 Aloak Corp. $0.26 1600%
3 4 Enterprise Oil Limited $2.19 1227%
4 5 Pemberton Energy Ltd. $0.50 1011%
5 7 Wavefront Energy & Environmental Services $2.82 683%
6 8 Petroflow Energy Ltd. $3.88 606%
7 9 Culane Energy Corp. $4.90 571%
8 10 Norex Exploration Services Inc. $2.25 562%
9 11 Connacher Oil and Gas Limited $4.71 496%
10 13 Consolidated Beacon Resources Ltd. $0.43 406%
11 15 Eagle Rock Exploration Ltd. $0.51 386%
12 22 Javelin Energy Inc. $2.25 302%
13 23 PanWestern Energy Inc. $0.80 300%
14 25 Genoil Inc. $1.48 280%
15 26 Stealth Ventures Ltd. $1.99 276%
16 27 Find Energy Ltd. $11.87 273%
17 29 UTS Energy Corporation $7.45 265%
18 30 Galleon Energy Inc. $36.50 263%
19 31 Petrobank Energy and Resources Ltd. $13.90 257%
20 36 Contact Exploration Inc. $1.55 244%
21 37 Spitfire Energy Ltd. $1.20 243%
22 43 Questerre Energy $0.88 214%
23 44 Landmark Oil & Gas Corp. $0.75 200%
24 45 Paramount Resources $44.95 199%
25 50 Petro Fields Industries Inc. $1.25 184%
* As of April 14,2006

Drifting Downstream

Everyone agrees in theory with adding value to our oil production. But talk of a new, $7-billion merchant refinery to handle oilsands output turns out to be just that – talk >

The Guru of Gasoline

A discussion with Calgary energy economist turned celebrity author Peter Tertzakian >

The Worth of Being Worthy

It’s hard to calculate the return on an investment in your reputation. But the correlation between respected companies and highly profitable ones is undeniable

Back to the Beaufort’s Well

The increasing likelihood of a natural gas pipeline through the Mackenzie Valley has revived dormant interest in natural gas from the Arctic. But the challenges faced by Devon Canada Corporation, which is conducting the first offshore exploration program in 16 years, shows it won't be like turning on a tap >

Swimming with the Sharks

Case study: How WellPoint Systems, a small software company from Calgary, managed to innovate its way alongside – indeed, ahead of – the giants of information technology

It’s no easy trick for an emerging software vendor to set itself apart from the herd. Nine-year-old WellPoint Systems Inc. of Calgary takes the direct approach. It asks potential customers for a wish list, then pulls out all the stops to deliver. This type of aggressive customer-service attack sounds deceptively simple. But it’s an approach other companies often overlook, to their own detriment. Because nobody ever went broke giving the people what they want. >

A Techie in Oil Country

Jonathan Levine, President, Middle Digital Inc.

interview by Brian Brennan

Jonathan Levine, a.k.a. C.C. Burger, a.k.a. Victor the Cleaner, is a University of Calgary engineering school dropout, former CJSW Radio engineer and a computer hardware designer who founded one of Alberta’s first commercial Internet service providers, Canada Connect, out of his home in 1994. >

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