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Oil & Gas

Even without a merger, the Halliburton-Baker Hughes deal offers an upside for shareholders

In November 2014, the world's number-two oilfield services firm announced it would aquire the world's number-three oilfield services firm >

Fertility Rites

Move aside, big oil. A fertilizer maker, Agrium Inc., is Alberta’s investment darling these days >

Exile in the Oilpatch: Alberta’s oil and gas royalty mess

Jim Roy was the architect of the royalty system that helped revive the oil and gas industry in the 1990s. Now he thinks Albertans are getting shortchanged – and it’s only going to get worse >

The Mini Major

Connacher Oil and Gas is one oilsands junior that’s acting like an integrated oil company >

Expensive Oil Is Bad for Your Health

Imagine a world in which ambulances travel under 20 kilometres an hour to conserve fuel. Where discharged patients sit in hallways because their relatives can’t pick them up. Where non-emergency surgeries are cancelled >

Dawn of the Clean Oilsands

Imagine the oilsands without tailings ponds, CO2-belching upgraders or even the need for water. Researchers working on future generations of oilsands technology are getting there – by thinking small >

Industrial Revolution

For decades, petrochemical makers thrived here thanks to Alberta’s cheap and plentiful natural gas. Now that’s gone, but a new, richer feedstock may be on the horizon >

The Oilsand Producer’s Dilemma

A gold-rush mentality in the oilsands will kill the entire sector’s profitability, warns a mathematical model used to predict industry outcomes. Fuzzy-headed, yes, but so far it’s proven eerily accurate >

The Productivity Edge

Six Oil and gas innovations from Alberta that could change the way the business is done >

Tapped Out

A confluence of conditions has battered oil and gas drillers this past year. But a new sector looks ready to emerge from the downturn >

More than a Bit Player

Pacesetter Directional and Performance Drilling tries to think and act like a small company. Hard to do when your sales have multiplied 87 times in just three years >

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