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Oil & Gas

Need to Know: Ahmed Taha

Tervita’s director of oil and gas operations is cleaning up – in more ways than one >

Second Wind

Using the latest ideas in lean manufacturing, this 93-year-old company has suddenly quintupled sales over the last five years >

Requiem for a Branch Plant

It may not rank alongside a first edition of The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz or a rare sketch by A. Y. Jackson but Shell Canada’s annual report for 2006 may eventually take its place in the archives of rare Canadiana >

A New Spin

Gone are the days when you could punch a hole in the prairie and up would gush oil pure enough to put in your tank. Today’s oil companies pump lower-grade mixtures of oil, water and sludge >

On the Waterfront

A public-private partnership quenches an oil refinery’s thirst for water >

What on Earth

A century ago, Canada marketed itself to British immigrants as “The Last Best West.” >

Trickle-down Economics

Alberta’s oilsands, the world’s largest engineering project, may be getting rave reviews in the corridors of Ottawa and Washington, D.C., as a secure source of oil for the continent >

Friends in Far Places

Allan Short is so accustomed to keeping different time zones in his head simultaneously that he has no problem, even over the phone early on a Tuesday morning from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in eastern Russia, telling you what time it is in Calgary >

Out of Harm’s Way

Imagine standing 26 metres in the air on a slippery steel platform in the thick of winter, the wind and snow blowing as you manoeuvre pipe in and out of an oil well, better known as tripping. That’s the life of a derrickman – risky business that Dave Richard sees as unnecessary >

Remaking the Middle

The income trust decision didn’t just close a tax loophole. It destabilized a segment of the industry. Whither the energy sector’s middle tier? >

Manufacturing Sustainability

#6 in an 8-part series on economic perspectives by Alberta business owners >