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Oil & Gas

Editorial: How to talk to your kids about oil and pipelines

The way to keep oil in the ground is not to pinch off a pipeline here and another one there. It’s to decrease the demand for oil >

Industrial Revolution

For decades, petrochemical makers thrived here thanks to Alberta’s cheap and plentiful natural gas. Now that’s gone, but a new, richer feedstock may be on the horizon >

The Oilsand Producer’s Dilemma

A gold-rush mentality in the oilsands will kill the entire sector’s profitability, warns a mathematical model used to predict industry outcomes. Fuzzy-headed, yes, but so far it’s proven eerily accurate >

The Productivity Edge

Six Oil and gas innovations from Alberta that could change the way the business is done >

Tapped Out

A confluence of conditions has battered oil and gas drillers this past year. But a new sector looks ready to emerge from the downturn >

More than a Bit Player

Pacesetter Directional and Performance Drilling tries to think and act like a small company. Hard to do when your sales have multiplied 87 times in just three years >

The Roughneck’s Last Hurrah

Energy-related companies dominate this year’s Fast 50, but they’re already digging in for leaner times ahead >

Foreign Exposure

In 2005, Saxon Energy Services was a small firm, newly gone public. Then a new management team jumped aboard from a downsizing competitor, and everything changed – quickly >


What will Alberta’s Industrial Heartland look like once all the projects being planned and built today are operational? A glimpse into the future of that other community being reshaped by the advent of the oilsands age >

Business Person of the Year 2007: James Kinnear, Pengrowth Energy Trust

In James Kinnear’s memory, the origins of Canadian energy trusts are indelibly entwined with the flavours of steaming noodles and rice, served in a Chinese restaurant in downtown Montreal >

The Remains of the Fray

We’re still pissed off. It’s been a year since “Nightmare on Halloween,” as oilpatch executives and investors still refer to Ottawa’s October 31, 2006 announcement that the income trust tax efficencies would be sharply curtailed. The effect was immediate and bloody >

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