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Oil & Gas

Where are they now: the status of Canada’s major pipelines

The approval of pipelines is slow and arduous, but some are closer to getting the green light than others >

The Leftovers: sulphur, petcoke and other bitumen byproducts

What’s the industry doing with sulphur, petcoke and the other byproducts of bitumen production? >

Why coal’s environmental baggage could keep it grounded forever

Alberta has the potential to become a significant player in the coal-exporting business...but will it? >

Why Renegade Petroleum might be due for a bounce

What goes down, might come back up >

Risk Taker: Spyglass Resources CEO Tom Buchanan

Buchanan, the 2013 MAX award winner, has headed back upstream >

On the Money: Sprott Resource

As the world’s population grows, so too does its demand for resources. Here’s how investors could profit >

Next Up: Radical Energy CEO Ryan Dick never gave up on the dream of solar energy, and now it’s paying off – in Ecuador

Meet Alberta’s up-and-coming solar energy entrepreneur >

Industry Report: Clean Technology

Clean Technology >

Biofuels: Garbage to Gold

Are biofuels making a comeback in Alberta? >

What’s ahead for Alberta’s oil and gas producers

Producers fight back against widening spreads, falling prices and growing political pressure >

The Rediscovered Country

Tight oil has transformed the energy sector in the U.S. Now it’s poised to do the same in Canada >