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Oil & Gas

Athabasca Oil Sands Corp., Laricina Energy and Osum make plays as oil sands startups

The oil sands used to be the domain of capital-rich giants like BP, Shell and Cenovus. No longer >

Meet Don Gray: Calgary’s most outspoken oil executive takes aim at his industry

The founder of Peyto Exploration and Development Corp. on the difference between land and value, why he's concentrating on heavy oil over shale gas and pseudo-ponzi schemes >

Growing Concern: Reg Northcott and his team at Q’Max Solutions use their expertise to grow business globally

Calgary based drilling fluids company has seen success with a focus on Mexico, Colombia and Peru >

How Alberta companies are taking advantage of the opportunities in Canada’s North

Northern Exposure >

Meet Temple Real Estate Investment Trust, a yield-friendly play on oil sands expansion

Temple REIT owns hotels in Fort McMurray, which is quietly booming again >

Exporter of the Year: Kudu Industries

Some companies worry about having to compete against international giants, not Kudu Industries >

A Q&A with Penn West Exploration’s New CEO Murray Nunns

Six years ago, Murray Nunns thought he was done with the oil and gas business. Here’s why he came back, and what has him excited again >

Natural Disaster: Why The Natural Gas Industry Is Still Kicking

Arctic gas, Duvernay shale, tight reservoirs - There are reasons for optimism >


Is Petro-Bakken in danger of being taken over? >

Growing Concern: In 2010, Acheson based Bri-Chem managed to grow its revenues by more than $50 million without adding a single new employee. And you thought you worked hard

A Fast Growth 50 profile >