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Oil & Gas

Editorial: How to talk to your kids about oil and pipelines

The way to keep oil in the ground is not to pinch off a pipeline here and another one there. It’s to decrease the demand for oil >

Applying digital co-ordinates to lease roads in Alberta’s oil patch puts GEOTrac on the map

Mapping Growth in the Patch >

Wavefront coaxes more oil out of aging fields

Of Necessity and Invention >

Good Bet: Flow-Through Shares

Incentive to support oil, gas and mining turns into investor advantage >

Insight into oil-and-gas emissions

Upstarts | Insight Emissions >

8 Clean-up Tips: What to do when your business is faced with a spill or contaminated site

No Messing Around >

The BP Oil Spill

The oil spill damage totals resulting from the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion on April 20 are still coming in and the world is scrutinizing every move made by officials of the international energy company BP >

Winners, Losers and Unlikely Survivors in the New Energy Order | Alberta Oil and Gas Industry

Here we take a 360-degree snapshot of who’s up, who’s down and who’s reinventing themselves in the oil and gas business >

All That Gas | How Alberta Companies are Establishing New Markets for Natural Gas

The newfound abundance of natural gas is forcing the industry to do something it’s never done before – nurture new markets >

Crude Awakening | The potential impact of the BRIK program on Alberta’s bitumen upgrading industry

As oil production looks to more than double by decade’s end, Alberta’s underdeveloped bitumen upgrading industry threatens to pump downstream jobs and revenue south of the border >

Vital Stats | Alberta Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas revenue follows pipelines out of province >

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