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Oil & Gas

Editorial: How to talk to your kids about oil and pipelines

The way to keep oil in the ground is not to pinch off a pipeline here and another one there. It’s to decrease the demand for oil >

The New Rules Of Engagement

With ever-increasing consumer concern over environmental sustainability, companies aren’t just informing stakeholders of corporate decisions; they’re making them part of the process >

Why Gas Will Come Back

A few good stock bets for a carbon-constrained world >

Boone & Me

Harley Hotchkiss reminisces about his freindship with T. Boone Pickens. >

Industrial Evolution

Today’s energy sector has come a long way from hiring straight off the farm >

Sand Branding

They’re not tarsands; they’re oilsands. At least that’s what the energy sector and the Alberta government want – nay, need – the world to understand. Will the message make it through the muddle? >

The Shale Gas Revolution

In just a few short years, the conventional wisdom about natural gas has been upended by an unconventional resource. Here’s what it means for Alberta’s industry >

2009 Alberta Export Awards

The inaugural Alberta Export Awards were presented on March 25, 2009, in Edmonton by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters – Alberta Division, ATB Financial and the Government of Alberta and sponsored by Deloitte & Touche LLP and Bennett Jones LLP. Winners were chosen from among more than 35 applicants by an independent panel of judges. >

Dallas North

Tom Cox and Jordy Randall, executive producers of Wild Roses >

Hail the Humble Resource Play

How a sunset strategy ended up reviving North America’s natural gas industry >

The Race to the Gulf

Oilsands producers don’t just need more pipeline capacity to crude oil markets; they want it to the right markets. The prize: access to North America’s refining hotbed in Texas and Louisiana. Trouble is, it’s not easy getting there from here >

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