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MP Amarjeet Sohi talks infrastructure spending, pipelines and relationship building

Edmonton City Councillor Amarjeet Sohi barely won his seat Monday night, taking the Edmonton-Mill Woods riding from conservative Tim Uppal by fewer than 100 votes. But he believes his strong ties to Edmonton’s business community position him well to represent its interests in Ottawa. EDIT: Sohi has been named Canada's newest infrastructure minister >

Liberal MP-elect Randy Boissonnault on Energy East, oil sands expansion and TFWs

Boissonnault narrowly defeated James Cumming in the riding of Edmonton Centre >

Temporary Solution, Permanent Problem

Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program highlight the need for a clearer path to permanent residency >

Cracking Up: How bad are Alberta’s roads?

The province’s road assets are in more trouble than we realize >

Alberta’s minimum wage gets a raise

The change moves Alberta closer to the rest of the country on pay >

Can Alberta fix its leaky condo problem?

Some say new changes by government don't go far enough >

The Debaters: An Urban Tax Reformer Squares Off With a Municipal Reeve

Bob Barss and Laurie Blakeman debate the Combined Low Expenditures Assessment >

Alberta’s High Speed Fail

Most would love it, but few want to pay for it >

Critical Mass: Edmonton’s pre-arena downtown revitalization

Edmonton was told a half-billion dollar arena would save its downtown. So why is the core revitalizing before it’s even up? >

Money for Nothing: The Province vs. Non-renewable resource revenue

Alberta governments have a long history of squandering non-renewable resource wealth. Why that needs to stop – now >