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Social license takes centre stage in the pipeline debate

For Canadian pipeline companies, traditional regulatory licensing is no longer enough to win approval. Stakeholders demand a social licence, too – and make them jump through hoops to get it >

Alberta’s Airbnb Effect

As the home-sharing service explodes in popularity, hotels take a hit. Should we use regulations to level the playing field? >

Chad Mielke, CEO of Peace Power, on the benefits of B Corps

There’s a new certification in town, and it might be worth a look for your business >

Not all First Nations oppose pipelines

At Calgary's Pipeline Gridlock conference, First Nations oil and gas producers dicussed the importance of balancing the environment and the economy >

How many parking spaces are enough in Edmonton’s downtown?

The Katz Group recently proposed an 800-stall gravel parking to serve Roger's Place >

Can you make sense of this 38,885-page document?

TransCanada's Energy East application stretches 11 kilometres end-to-end >

What an Alberta investor tax credit will mean for businesses

It should help remedy Alberta’s standing with venture capitalists >

Atco aims to win the natural gas market with lower costs and better service. Will it work?

After a 12-year haitus, Atco has re-entered the natural gas market at a particularly challenging time for retailers >

Why we need to look beyond OPEC when anticipating oil prices

The most important factor in determining oil prices is what happens here in North America >

Canada is producing record amounts of oil. So why are the country’s oil imports going up?

Canada's oil imports increased 16 per cent year over year in 2015, representing $35 million leaving the country's economy each day >