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Canada is producing record amounts of oil. So why are the country's oil imports going up?

Canada's oil imports increased 16 per cent year over year in 2015, representing $35 million leaving the country's economy each day >

Cyber attacks are up across the board and the energy industry is an attractive target

The risks to the industry are real, substantial and growing >

Junior oil and gas producers say a government program meant to reduce the burden of abandoned wells is strong-arming them out of business

The program was meant to reduce the financial and environmental burden of orphaned wells, but their numbers have exploded >

Alberta government says new capital investment tax credit will spur job growth

The Alberta government says the $75-million credit will lead to $700 million in investments and "support thousands of direct and indirect jobs." >

Alberta businesses ‘surprised’ by announcement on investor tax credit

Alberta Chambers of Commerce says it was under the impression it would be consulted before any details of the Investor Tax Credit, including which industries would benefit, were announced. >

Alberta Budget Oil Price Estimate ‘Optimistic’: Auspice Founder

The Alberta government has pegged the price of oil at $42 for the 2016-17 fiscal year, and has adjusted its forecast for 2015-16 down to $45 >

In these Alberta towns, firefighters are employees of private companies

Despite reassurances, Northwest Fire Rescue and Training’s pivot into the public sector caused alarm — the notion that public services would be provided by private interests was met with skepticism >

Calgary Chamber calls for investor tax credit to replace cancelled jobs program

The Calgary Chamber is calling for an investor tax credit in Thursday's budget to replace the recently terminated job creation grant program. The credit would generate jobs by spurring growth among small businesses >

Everything you need to know about Alberta business to start your week

CP abandons bid to buy U.S. railroad, TransCanada expands pipeline business in Mexico, and an NDP divided over pipelines >

What Alberta businesses can expect from the 2016 budget

The provincial government has already hinted at what Albertans can expect from Thursday's budget, including a $10-billion deficit >

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