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Partial Credit: Four Alberta companies that are upgrading bitumen differently

Partial upgrading aims to reduce the thickness of bitumen >

What’s worse: Too much Chinese investment or not enough?

The energy sector might be about to find out >

Crossing That (Damned) Continent

There are the big pipelines and the railways. And then there are more drastic options to get oil and gas to foreign markets >

Why aren’t Albertans taking advantage of the deregulated electricity market?

Deregulation was supposed to give consumers options, but they have seemingly decided not to use them >

The New Power: Four interesting energy projects worth pondering

These projects explore new, renewable or otherwise remarkable sources of energy >

How is Alberta’s deregulated electricity market holding up?

It’s been nearly two decades since Alberta made the change >

Randy Thompson: Alberta’s Angel

Thompson talks about the changing face of the province’s venture capital scene >

To Serve and Protect: How R&D drives the oil and gas sector

Innovation doesn’t end with horizontal drilling >

Breaking Bad: Alberta’s oil service companies get back on track

Alberta’s oil boom was a breeding ground for bad habits >

Pay to Play: Junior oil and gas companies pay out dividends to attract attention

But are they making a mistake? >

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