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What’s worse: Too much Chinese investment or not enough?

The energy sector might be about to find out >

Toward a National Energy Plan

Taking the high road would allow Alberta to assume a new and more prominent role in the federation >

Will This Spark Fly?

When it comes to Alberta’s retail market for electricity, competition isn’t working as well as some had hoped. One group of entrepreneurs thinks it’s time for some co-operation >

Power From The People: Will Enmax’s Plan for Distributed Generation Take Off?

Enmax envisions a city powered by thousands of small generators. But will Calgary’s city-owned utility be able to wean the city off big, centralized power plants? >

Alberta’s Bill 50 electricity debate conveys wildly varying claims

Is Bill 50 preparing us for the future or locking us into a creaky old system?

The Green Potential for Bill 50

An often-overlooked part of Bill 50 is the potential for wind energy and cogeneration to meaningfully contribute to Alberta’s power grid with the new critical transmission infrastructure. >

In the News

Utilities Privatization >

One Man’s Trash

With a plan bordering on economic alchemy, Thane Hurlburt will not only generate revenue from refuse but help solidify southern Alberta’s status as a hub for the alternative energy industry >

The Shale Gas Revolution

In just a few short years, the conventional wisdom about natural gas has been upended by an unconventional resource. Here’s what it means for Alberta’s industry >

The Heat Is On

Interview: Doug Smith, president, Conematic Heating Systems Inc. >

The Power Play

Enmax has finally galvanized the retail electrical market with its EasyMax offering. So why are its competitors crying foul? >

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