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Without coal, how will Alberta get its power in 2030?

The Notley government is heading into a policy minefield that will have major repercussions on the price of electricity for decades to come >

The 7 trends and themes that will shape Alberta’s energy sector in 2012

Industry Report - Energy & Energy Services >

Capital Power CEO Brian Vaasjo leads Alberta’s newest utility towards a greener future

A discussion on clean coal, solar, wind and why Alberta doesn't need renewable energy targets >

Natural Disaster: Why The Natural Gas Industry Is Still Kicking

Arctic gas, Duvernay shale, tight reservoirs - There are reasons for optimism >

Coal vs Natural Gas – Alberta’s two dominant electricity generations feedstocks face off

Alberta sits on more than 34 billion tonnes of coal deposits, but Ottawa wants to wean the country off coal-powered electricity. Could a switch to greater reliance on natural gas work for the province? Would it help the environment? >

Vital Statistics: Power Distribution & Generation

Industry Report >

The Taming of the Screw

Almita Piling is finding fortune in foundations >

Growing Concern: Calgary based Cognera Corp. set to take advantage of the smart grid switch

A Fast Growth 50 profile >

Toward a National Energy Plan

Taking the high road would allow Alberta to assume a new and more prominent role in the federation >

Will This Spark Fly?

When it comes to Alberta’s retail market for electricity, competition isn’t working as well as some had hoped. One group of entrepreneurs thinks it’s time for some co-operation >

Power From The People: Will Enmax’s Plan for Distributed Generation Take Off?

Enmax envisions a city powered by thousands of small generators. But will Calgary’s city-owned utility be able to wean the city off big, centralized power plants? >