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Will a drop in price spark a solar revolution?

Solar used to be the domain of the moneyed and environmentally conscious, but with a dramatic drop in the price of panels, Albertans are installing photovoltaics like gangbusters. Is it enough to spark an energy revolution in the province? >

The Green Potential for Bill 50

An often-overlooked part of Bill 50 is the potential for wind energy and cogeneration to meaningfully contribute to Alberta’s power grid with the new critical transmission infrastructure. >

In the News

Utilities Privatization >

One Man’s Trash

With a plan bordering on economic alchemy, Thane Hurlburt will not only generate revenue from refuse but help solidify southern Alberta’s status as a hub for the alternative energy industry >

The Shale Gas Revolution

In just a few short years, the conventional wisdom about natural gas has been upended by an unconventional resource. Here’s what it means for Alberta’s industry >

The Heat Is On

Interview: Doug Smith, president, Conematic Heating Systems Inc. >

The Power Play

Enmax has finally galvanized the retail electrical market with its EasyMax offering. So why are its competitors crying foul? >


Alberta needs more power and generating companies are lining up to supply it. The problem – one that won’t be solved soon – is getting it to market >

The Politics of Power

Rural Alberta lost its voice when Bill 46 took effect >

A Needed Jolt to the System

#8 in a 10-part series on practising sustainability in business >

Question Period: Energy

Q: Albertans have recently expressed concerns that the province may not be getting its fair share of oil and gas revenues. Does the royalty regime need to be changed? Should the 1% royalty holiday enjoyed by oilsands companies – which was introduced to spur development – be eliminated now that the oilsands are booming? >