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Real Estate

Finding the perfect office space for your business

Here’s what you need to know to find the location you deserve >

The curious case of Calgary’s residential real estate market

Is it really different in Calgary when it comes to residential real estate? >

For Sale by Owner: Nathan McCully talks startups and sales

McCully, who helps people sell their homes themselves, just sold his business >

The Death and Life of Great Canadian Malls

Canadians continue to spend more than Americans, and US retailers are watching closely >

Downtown or Bust: Calgary and Edmonton attempt to revitalize their downtown cores

Here’s a look at two of the projects that will make or break that effort >

The War for Calgary

With the municipal election over, the battle for the city’s future begins >

Community Builders: What’s next for Alberta’s cities?

Five urban thinkers sit down with Alberta Venture to talk about the future of urban Alberta >

Building Blocks: Four trends shaping architecture in Alberta

Street-oriented buildings, the rise of prefabricated structures and other key trends that are driving architecture in Alberta >

Home Improvement: Canada’s most famous boom town looks to the future

A Whole Foods in Fort McMurray? Developers aim to transform the city's downtown >

Trigger Discipline: Boardwalk REIT holds its fire

Most REITs have been buying assets, but Alberta’s biggest has stayed put. What does that mean for its investors? >

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