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Real Estate

Seven Tips For A Snowbird Getaway

Vacationing in the U.S. or Mexico isn’t as simple as holidaying in Kelowna. Here’s what you need to know to before you go >

Canada’s Best Airbnb Listings

Never mind tying yourself down to one place and a mortgage. The country is your oyster with rental options like Airbnb >

Canada’s Hottest Recreational Properties for $500K

We surveyed the most sought-after vacation spots in the country to find what a cool half-million will get you >

Top 5 Real Estate Trends

The things you need to know about where markets are heading >

A Tale of Two Tales: Is Alberta headed for a real estate downturn?

Some real estate forecasters say Alberta’s housing market will face a moderate downturn in the short term. Others say it could be much worse >

Verbatim: Up in the Air with Brad Lamb

Lamb Development Corp.’s founder on building Edmonton condos out of Toronto >

Lunch With: An aspiring real estate investor chats with an industry insider

Jordan Mertz and Robert McLeod sit down over some wine and cheese >

Can Alberta fix its leaky condo problem?

Some say new changes by government don't go far enough >

Rental, by Owner

We all want a vacation property, but need it to earn its keep when we’re not there. Here’s how >

Five ideas to maximize the return on your real estate investment

Real estate is a great place to stash money and build equity >

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