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Earls says it 'made a mistake' when it swapped Alberta beef for Certified Humane

B.C.-based Earls says it will bring Alberta beef back to its restaurants, and it will work with producers to build up a supply that meets its standards >

How Alberta companies are using Instagram to grow their business

Instagram can be a great way to expand your market and increase sales, but there are no hard and fast rules for how to approach the social medium >

Why you should be building your brand with job seekers

The current, chaotic environment presents an opportunity for firms to build their brands as employers of choice >

Should ‘plus-size’ clothing stores like Addition Elle embrace the ‘fat’ label?

An Edmonton-based Addition Elle sales associate updated her Facebook bio to read "Conquering the world, one well-dressed fat lady at a time." It was meant to be empowering. But Addition Elle didn't feel the same way >

These Edmonton girls can teach you a thing or two about marketing

Teenaged sisters Hania and Ghalia Aamer have fought the red tape and launched a tutoring company. They think they’re on to something big >

Marketers need to turn implied consent into express consent – and they should want to, as well

Can I sell you some “V1@gra”? Marketing in the age of anti-spam rules >

We Love To Give – Here’s Why Marketers Bank On It

With Valentine’s Day coming, marketers will look to channel your generosity their way >

Forget Followers – Be A Leader When It Comes To Your Online Reputation

Alberta Venture speaks with Dan Bergeron of the Calgary marketing agency Everbrave to addresses the myths and misconceptions around web-based branding >

Some of your customers hate you – deal with it

Canadian companies have been focused on ­creating satisfied customers. Much less ­attention has been paid to the unhappy ones >

Getting the Brand Back Together

Calgary-based Landscape Irrigation Solutions wants a brand that will leave an impression. But will expert advice push it too far out of its comfort zone? >

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