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Leading into Rio 2016, Russell Reimer talks about representing Olympic athletes

The president of Manifesto Sport Management works with dozens of current and former Olympians >

The similarities between VR and early-1990s e-commerce are striking

Businesses that ignored e-commerce did so at their peril. Will the same be true of virtual reality? >

The value of customer loyalty programs isn’t customer loyalty

The future of competition is not in the location of your business or the products you put in your shelf, but in your ability to use the data collected through loyalty programs >

How the Hotel Macdonald became one of Edmonton’s most cherished landmarks — after teetering on the edge of death

On the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald's 100th anniversary, Steve Walton talks about how the hotel was saved from the wrecking ball and became one of Edmonton's most cherished landmarks >

Earls says it ‘made a mistake’ when it swapped Alberta beef for Certified Humane

B.C.-based Earls says it will bring Alberta beef back to its restaurants, and it will work with producers to build up a supply that meets its standards >

How Alberta companies are using Instagram to grow their business

Instagram can be a great way to expand your market and increase sales, but there are no hard and fast rules for how to approach the social medium >

Why you should be building your brand with job seekers

The current, chaotic environment presents an opportunity for firms to build their brands as employers of choice >

Should ‘plus-size’ clothing stores like Addition Elle embrace the ‘fat’ label?

An Edmonton-based Addition Elle sales associate updated her Facebook bio to read "Conquering the world, one well-dressed fat lady at a time." It was meant to be empowering. But Addition Elle didn't feel the same way >

These Edmonton girls can teach you a thing or two about marketing

Teenaged sisters Hania and Ghalia Aamer have fought the red tape and launched a tutoring company. They think they’re on to something big >

Marketers need to turn implied consent into express consent – and they should want to, as well

Can I sell you some “V1@gra”? Marketing in the age of anti-spam rules >

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