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Big Data and the New World Order

From farming to forestry and everything in between, the use of massive reams of data is changing the way the world works >

How Rocky Mountain Zip Line Grows Adventure Tourism In Alberta

Whether Darrel Bossert’s Rocky Mountain Zip Line succeeds depends not just on its own merit, but on the province’s willingness to make the jump to adventure tourism >

Tech Essentials | Paying Taxes Painlessly

The best in new business technology >

Venture Update

CCS Projects Identified >

Inside the Idea Factory

How Calgary’s Mentor Engineering makes innovation part of its corporate DNA >

Far Out

A look at seven nascent technologies with commercial potential being developed in Alberta >

Fly Technology

Yes, there are great things happening in Alberta’s tech sector, as the 2009 TechRev Innovators show >

Can We Be Innovative?

“Alberta’s ‘new economy’ is in no position to take up the slack when the resource sector hits a slump.” >

Tech Essentials | New Smartphone technology

The best in new business technology >

Venture Update

Quebec Bound >

Cool Science

Drug developer Isotechnika takes on a new partner in the final push to market >

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