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Building Blocks: Modularization is changing the way the oil and gas industry harvests its prize

The concept is a dramatic shift away from conventional thoughts on SAGD operations >

Venture Update

CCS Projects Identified >

Inside the Idea Factory

How Calgary’s Mentor Engineering makes innovation part of its corporate DNA >

Far Out

A look at seven nascent technologies with commercial potential being developed in Alberta >

Fly Technology

Yes, there are great things happening in Alberta’s tech sector, as the 2009 TechRev Innovators show >

Can We Be Innovative?

“Alberta’s ‘new economy’ is in no position to take up the slack when the resource sector hits a slump.” >

Tech Essentials | New Smartphone technology

The best in new business technology >

Venture Update

Quebec Bound >

Cool Science

Drug developer Isotechnika takes on a new partner in the final push to market >

Playing to Strengths

Ken Bautista’s focus on creativity and collaboration has Hotrocket on an upward trajectory >

One Man’s Trash

With a plan bordering on economic alchemy, Thane Hurlburt will not only generate revenue from refuse but help solidify southern Alberta’s status as a hub for the alternative energy industry >

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Small Business
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Venture 250
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