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The Volcanic Underground: Is Geothermal Energy The Answer?

Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan are sitting on a wealth of free, green energy. So why is nobody doing anything about it? >

Sam Shaw

Sam Shaw – President, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

Dr. Sam Shaw is committed to lifelong learning. Recently, he facilitated a $40-million partnership with Compaq that will create a state-of-the-art facility and training centre for ICT at NAIT. The contribution speaks to the credibility that NAIT has earned, under his leadership, as a centre of excellence for the high-tech community.

Sally Omar

Sally Omar – Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, TELUS Centre for Professional Development, University of Alberta

Across the learning universe, educators and businesses are applauding the TELUS Centre for Professional Development, the University of Alberta’s new 48,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art physical and virtual learning centre.

Roderick D. Fraser

Roderick D. Fraser – President, University of Alberta

“Nanotechnology,” or, manufacturing at the molecular level, is an emerging high-tech field, and the University of Alberta, led by Dr. Fraser, is helping it gain momentum.

Ray Rajotte

Ray Rajotte – Professor of Surgery and Medicine, Director of the Islet Transplantation Group and Director of the Surgical-Medical Research Institute, University of Alberta

The groundbreaking research of the Edmonton islet group, led by Dr. Ray Rajotte, culminated in the ability to generate insulin independence in eight severely diabetic patients.

Patently Absurd

If necessity is the mother of invention, perhaps absurdity is its distant cousin. For every idea with Edison-like brilliance, there’s another that verges on unusual, weird or just plain wacky.

N. Neil McCrank

N. Neil McCrank – Chairman, Alberta Energy and Utilities Board

If Neil McCrank, Q.C. were a circus performer, the chairman of the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board would walk the high wire. To the right, industry lines up with more oil and gas drilling applications than ever before, seeking permission to tap sour gas reservoirs or build new coal-fired electric generation plants.

John Masters

John Masters – President and CEO, Calgary Technologies Inc.

John Masters is president and CEO of Calgary Technologies Inc., an economic development group focused on the advanced technology sector. Masters’ group assists high-tech entrepreneurs through their start-up phase, in part by refining business plans that will attract investors.

Jim Shaw

Jim Shaw – CEO, Shaw Communications Inc.

Jim Shaw’s at home in the family cable business. And since rising to CEO of Calgary-based Shaw Communications Inc. in 1998 he has overseen the company’s largest era of growth that includes building a high-speed Internet division with 500,000 subscribers and $200 million revenue.

Hit Me, Please

Last month, I stood on the brink of world domination. World Wide Web domination to be exact. I had completed the final touches on my awesome, hip, easy-to-navigate Web site.

The Software Side of Accounting

Technology has affected every area of business, not the least accounting. Along the growth road, most companies face a major decision: should they upgrade to customized accounting software?