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Building Blocks: Modularization is changing the way the oil and gas industry harvests its prize

The concept is a dramatic shift away from conventional thoughts on SAGD operations >

Architects Build Environmental Features Into Design

Renowned Chicago architect Sara Beardsley of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture was a speaker at the Reimagine Series this spring in both Edmonton and Calgary. She spoke to Alberta Venture about redefining our urban landscapes >

Boldly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before


Psyko Audio Labs is poised to break into big markets with its audio technology

Breaking the Sound Barrier >

The Trouble With Teilhard | Calgary Software Designer Teilhard Technologies Battled Tech Giants, but Investors Want Answers

Crying patent infringement, Calgary software designer Teilhard Technologies battled the world’s tech giants – and won. But what, exactly, it isn’t saying. Now its investors wonder if they’ll ever see the spoils of war >

The Web Over Hawkwood

What would happen if you could get your broadband Internet access for free? Thanks to a gutsy (maybe foolhardy) upstart, a Calgary suburb is about to find out >

All Carbon, All the Time

Wishart Robson, senior climate change and safety adviser, Nexen Inc. >

The Power of Conservation

A Western Canadian startup could help cut big users’ electrical bills by double digits >

iPhone DevCamp Searches For The Perfect App

Take the world’s most popular smart phone, a month of coding and a viral marketplace, and you’ve got a (slim) shot at a ballooning, US$2.4-billion prize. Welcome to the frenetic world of iPhone app development >

How Rocky Mountain Zip Line Grows Adventure Tourism In Alberta

Whether Darrel Bossert’s Rocky Mountain Zip Line succeeds depends not just on its own merit, but on the province’s willingness to make the jump to adventure tourism >

Tech Essentials | Paying Taxes Painlessly

The best in new business technology >

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