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The Briefing

Is Alberta heading for another drought?

Early indicators suggest Alberta is in for another hot, dry summer. But that could all change with a spring downpour >

Is Alberta heading toward a talent gap?

Despite Alberta’s excess of skilled, unemployed labourers, Manpower CEO Randy Upright says the province is heading for a talent gap >

Global petro-politics costing Albertans

Canada's economy suffers as petro-politics rage overseas and in our own backyard >

Alberta’s surprising influence on the global music scene

There’s a growing chorus heralding the province’s prominence on the national music stage, and Calgary is leading the way >

Alberta is experiencing a barley-and-hops renaissance

Something’s brewing in Alberta: significant breaks for microbreweries >

Alberta’s unemployment rate has overtaken the national average, hearkening back to the 1980s

While the national unemployment rate has steadily declined, Alberta's rate has surpassed seven per cent for the first time since 2010 >

More people are now leaving Alberta than moving to it

The loss isn't as great as during the recession of the 1980s, when thousands fled Alberta for opportunities in other provinces >

You’ll be surprised by the global influence of Alberta’s homegrown tech industry

Many of Alberta's fastest-growing companies are in the tech sector, and its impact is more pervasive than you'd expect >

John Harrop’s business is to help people own homes, and it’s working

The new CEO ofAttainable Homes talks about the roadblocks to home ownership, and how his company helps Calgarians overcome them >

Can a $500-million royalty credit program make the province competitive again?

With a boost to the petrochemical industry, the government hopes to refine the Alberta Advantage >

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