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The Briefing

Sphere of Influence: Shadow Workers

Employees who work here but pay their income tax elsewhere are a not-so insignificant chunk of our workforce >

WTF: What’s in a Name?

Managing a crisis when somebody else sullies your brand >

Verbatim: Grant Fagerheim changes his stripes

Grant Fagerheim has a history of starting small companies and selling them off to larger players. Not this time, though. We wanted to find out more about his plans for Whitecap Resources. >

Talking Point: Need More, Better Data

“It’s a dark day for statistics in Canada” >

On the Make: The Travelling Vet

How caring for a pet in its home changes everything >

Sphere of Influence: From Russia, No Love

Or, how a guy named Putin wants to waste our bacon >

WTF: There will be rats

Bring in the rats to get rid of the beetles? >

Talking Point: Hitting Home

Spousal abuse still espoused by 1 in 10 Albertan males >

Verbatim: Prentice Speaks

Jim Prentice talks provincial house-cleaning >

Go Local: Alberta’s Farmers’ Markets

The Alberta Farmers’ Market Association lists 89 markets on its website >

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