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Business Cycle: Why do you support bike lanes in Calgary?

“The car isn’t the status symbol or priority it used to be," says Calgary Economic Development's Bruce Graham >

Get Over Your Layover

Many airlines are reducing the number of flights they offer, which means fewer non-stop routes. If you’re travelling to a smaller city, flying on your credit card’s points or operating on a travel budget as tight as Iceland’s credit market, chances are you’ll have a layover. Relax: not all airports are bus terminals. Choose carefully, and you may be able to conduct as much business inside the airport as out of it >

Lightning Strikes Twice

After two aircraft accidents five months apart left A.D. Williams Engineering bereft of its founder, president, business strategist and two CFOs, new president Naseem Bashir leads the firm forward >

Big World Small Business

Alberta’s micro-enterprises trail the nation at exporting. Here’s how they can overcome the obstacles – real and perceived – to developing sales abroad >

Alberta’s Disadvantage

Canada is standing pat while the rest of the world moves toward a network of bilateral trade deals, according to a new study from the University of Alberta’s Western Centre for Economic Research >

Serving the World

Services are a small but growing part of Alberta’s exports – and our foot in the door of emerging markets >

Bring It On

To heck with a high Canadian dollar, global competition and Alberta’s inflation woes. These manufacturers can compete, and crack a profit too >

Waiting for Takeoff

A Calgary company’s updated black-box technology aims to transform the way airlines operate >

The Need for Speed

Three self-described “geezers” have emerged as the only players with plans for a bullet train between Edmonton and Calgary. Do they have the staying power to get the job done? >

The Weakest Link

Northeastern Alberta may be booming, but its transportation system is a shambles. Something’s got to give >

Runway 07-25

There’s a small, rectangular safe in the wall about five feet off the floor in Nav Canada’s Edmonton Area Control Centre >

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