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Is Alberta heading for another drought?

Early indicators suggest Alberta is in for another hot, dry summer. But that could all change with a spring downpour >

Does the expiration of the U.S.-Canada softwood lumber agreement spell the end of Alberta’s forestry industry?

Alberta’s forestry sector prepares for the U.S. – and its voracious lumber lobby – to reopen our oldest trade wounds >

The Imperial Aspirations of Murray Edwards

Legendary investor Murray Edwards bet heavily in B.C.’s hard rock mining industry, and right now he’s paying the price >

Twin Otter: The Death and Rebirth of a Great Canadian Plane

How the Twin Otter came roaring back from the dead, and how Alberta’s been a key part of that >

Property of the Week: $3.4M for a West Coast contemporary in Calgary

Every week, Alberta Venture will bring you the most intriguing properties on the market from across the province >

TransCanada gains critical foothold in Marcellus region with Columbia Pipeline deal

The Calgary-based company’s $13-billion acquisition of Columbia Pipeline Group gives it control of a major natural gas vein in the U.S.  >

Alberta’s top jobs

Despite rampant layoffs across Alberta, some jobs are still in demand in the province  >