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Keeping a Lid On It: Recent BSE scare has beef industry on alert

But nobody’s panicking yet  >

Interactive Map: Seeing the Forest for Its Trees

Birch, poplar, pine and spruce are some of the versatile tree species that Alberta offers industry  >

The Imperial Aspirations of Murray Edwards

Legendary investor Murray Edwards bet heavily in B.C.’s hard rock mining industry, and right now he’s paying the price >

Twin Otter: The Death and Rebirth of a Great Canadian Plane

How the Twin Otter came roaring back from the dead, and how Alberta’s been a key part of that >

A Tale of Two Tales: Is Alberta headed for a real estate downturn?

Some real estate forecasters say Alberta’s housing market will face a moderate downturn in the short term. Others say it could be much worse >

Crude Calculations?

Expect Canada’s rail industry to remain under scrutiny for its capacity and fairness >

Doing the Right Thing: Construction Person of the Year Brent Fillmore

Fillmore is a stickler for details. It doesn’t always make things easy >

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