A Rockies Relationship

Alberta needs B.C. to get its oil to Asian markets, but B.C. doesn’t really need Alberta for much of anything. Or does it? Evaluating the politics of pipelines, and the often fraught relationship between western Canada’s powerhouse provinces

All Along the Gateway

The proposed Northern Gateway pipeline has brought issues of politics, economics, the environment and social development to the forefront of the nation’s consciousness. Between them, reporters Andrew Findlay and Tim Querengesser and photographer Joey Podlubny travelled the length of the proposed route and spoke with some of the people most directly affected

The Laws of the Land

Now more than ever, Western Canada’s energy sector needs to earn the trust and consent of First Nations if it ever hopes to expand its pipeline infrastructure

The Battle for Trans Mountain

Two B.C. cities—Burnaby and ­Kamloops—have two very different takes on proposed pipeline expansion in their communities. And the fight over twinning the 61-year-old Kinder ­Morgan pipeline has Enbridge and other ­industry players watching with interest

Zero Sum Game

From Steel Fabricators and Manufacturers to Diversified Service Providers: the industries that stand to gain—and lose—if Northern Gateway gets built