Alberta's Fast Growth 50 2012

Albertan entrepreneurs also bring growth to construction and agribusiness

Contractor of the Year Awards

The Contractor of the Year Awards celebrates the success and intelligence of construction companies just like yours

Alberta's Business Person of the Year

The Business Person of the Year is featured in the December issue of Alberta Venture, and the award is presented at a special luncheon in January.

The Venture 100

Each September, Alberta Venture celebrates the largest public companies within Alberta, plus the largest not-for-profits, employers and the highest paid executives.

Alberta's 50 Most Influential People

The list of Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People is published in the July issue of Alberta Venture and a charity golf tournament is held annually in August in honour of these individuals

25 Best Communities for Business in Western Canada

From Alberta's International Region to Sturgeon County get the details on the most business friendly locales west of Manitoba

Alberta's Best Paid CEOs

See who takes home Alberta’s largest paycheques with our lists of the highest-earning public company bosses

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