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Brett Wilson

Who is Alberta's most popular CEO on Twitter?

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Lunch With: Brett Wilson sits down with Rob Campbell to talk travel, business and why taking Fridays off is for chumps

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Return on Investment: Give That You May Receive

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Return on Investment: The Give and Get Play

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The Wisdom of the Dragons

Our Business Person of the Year profile in this month’s issue got me watching Dragons' Den. Understand that I hate reality TV. I consider it women’s answer to spectator sports, a great waste of time with little discernable personal or social benefit. But I found myself watching “the den” even after our Brett Wilson feature was put to bed >

Business Person of the Year 2008: Brett Wilson, FirstEnergy Capital

Brett Wilson has broken the mould of the blue-suited business leader. Still in his deal-making prime, the co-founder and chairman of FirstEnergy Capital continues to cut a new path. His edge? An affinity for people, in business and beyond >