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Lunch With: Deanne Ferguson learns from Teresa Spinelli

A young event planner and the owner of an Alberta food icon talk kids and business >

Lunch With: Sharing a vision in an industry full of hot personalities

Chefs Michael Noble and Nicole Gomes talk over lunch at The Nash in Calgary >

Lunch With: Baptism by Fire

AltaCorp Capital’s George Gosbee and entrepreneur Tyrel Kenmore on steep learning curves, objectivism and mistake-fuelled growth >

Lunch With: Shawn Freeman and Doug Gray talk sales

Selling professional services isn’t like selling widgets. Two IT specialists discuss “the psychology of the buy” >

Lunch With: Better By Design

Whether you’re building software or a head office, collaboration is the key >

Lunch With: Mark Salkeld and Sami Hayek discuss Labour Pains in the energy-service industry

The energy-service industry entrepreneurs talk about – what else? – the difficulty with finding enough skilled people >

Success Follows Passion: Two generations of marketing pros talk shop

Justin Archer and Maureen McCaw at Characters restaurant >

Lunch With: An aspiring real estate investor chats with an industry insider

Jordan Mertz and Robert McLeod sit down over some wine and cheese >

Lunch With: A successful young entrepreneur doubts his leadership abilities

Accurate Network Services' Luke Williamson meets with McCoy Global CEO Jim Rakievich >

Lunch With: Brett Wilson sits down with Rob Campbell to talk travel, business and why taking Fridays off is for chumps

Enter the Dragon >

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