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Need to Know: Nathin Bye

How one Edmonton chef is making his kitchens a welcoming place for everyone >

Need to Know: Amanda Hamilton

Creative Director Amanda Hamilton builds a space for herself in Alberta’s design scene >

Need to Know: Eriel Deranger

The Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation’s communications co-­ordinator says treaties need to be honoured – and she’s convincing big names she’s right >

Need to Know: Ernest Hon

Hon’s family business brought him back to Calgary. Now, he’s trying to move both forward >

Need to Know: Brian Boulanger

The Arc Financial, senior vice-president is a headhunter’s dream, but he has no interest in being the hunted >

Need to Know: Skye Boyes

He’s inspired one of the biggest hits the video game industry has seen in years, and created a successful title of his own. And he’s only just begun >

Lianne Lefsrud tries to bridge the gap between the oil industry and environmentalists

The University of Alberta alumna says it's more complicated than simply choosing sides >

Calgary Economic Development’s Lee Malleau thinks Calgary has a ton of upside

And she’s helping spread that message worldwide >

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