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On the Money

Is now the time to buy master limited partnerships?

MLP stock prices held up pretty well through the middle of 2015. Since then, though, panic has set in >

Jody Chudley is is a contributor to Agora Financial’s Outstanding Investments and Real Wealth Trader.

Good cash flow, no debt and solid assets in Turkey: What could go wrong?

Although it's operating in a volatile region, Valeura Energy has a stable balance sheet  >

by Jody Chudley

Raging River Exploration Makes Waves With Its (Cash) Flow

The independent producer has the management, the balance sheet and the assets to thrive in 2016  >

by Jody Chudley

(White)capping off a great run

Whitecap Resources has run its business in a sustainable manner from day one  >

by Jody Chudley

On the Money: EOG Resources

This sleeper pick added 600 million barrels of oil to its bottom line and nobody noticed  >

by Jody Chudley

On the Money: Everything’s Bigger In Texas

The Permian formation has huge potential, and Callon is right in the heart of it  >

by Jody Chudley

On the Money: The Royalty Treatment

Freehold Royalties gives exposure to an oil recovery without the risks of production  >

by Jody Chudley

On the Money: The Advantage (Oil & Gas) Advantage

With low-cost wells in the Montney, Advantage Oil looks set for a stellar future  >

by Jody Chudley

On the Money: Granite Oil is Solid as a Rock

Granite Oil has a low-cost, high-flow asset in the Alberta Bakken  >

by Jody Chudley

On the Money: Why Surge Energy is a good bet

Low debt, juicy dividend and a low-cost play are what I’m looking for  >

by Jody Chudley
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