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Is it time to merge the airport authorities in Calgary and Edmonton?

Now departing: a bunch of angry letters >

When he was younger, Max Fawcett wanted to make a mint in the markets. Now as the managing editor of Alberta Venture he gets to write about them. Close enough, right? He can be reached at

What’s the future of Alberta’s real estate market?

There have been numerous predictions about when and if Canada’s real estate market will crash  >

by Max Fawcett

Should you be concerned about an increasing amount of municipal debt in your city?

Precedent has been set in the US for municipal bankruptcy  >

by Max Fawcett

Is peak oil a thing of the past?

Technologies like fracking may have merely postponed peak oil  >

by Max Fawcett

Should the province privatize ATB Financial?

Is it time to liquidate another taxpayer-built institution?  >

by Max Fawcett

Would Alberta be better off outside Canada?

People in this province can be forgiven for wondering whether they’re getting a raw deal  >

by Max Fawcett

Stephen Harper: Friend or foe of Alberta’s energy sector?

At Issue: Keystone is a proxy for government inaction on climate change, and there are few governments in the world that personify that better than our own. As such, it raises an interesting question: Has Harper’s Conservative government really helped the energy sector?  >

by Max Fawcett

Ralph Klein was one of the greatest leaders in Alberta’s history

But was he actually good for business?  >

by Max Fawcett

Is it time for Alberta’s two big cities to put an end to suburban sprawl?

At Issue: If Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s commitment to encouraging more density in Calgary wasn’t clear already, his decision in February to publicly chastise Charron Ungar, the president of the Calgary chapter of the Canadian Home Builders Association, for comments he made during a speech to his members should remove any lingering doubts  >

by Max Fawcett

Should the government hedge its commodity risk?

At Issue: The government of Alberta will bring down its budget for the next 12 months on March 7, and it’s expected that it will include a fairly hefty operating deficit.  >

by Max Fawcett
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