Our Best Patio winner shares a delectable food-and-drink pairing for patio bliss

This combo is the best company for your summer patio excursion

B.C. mussels and the Athabasca Mist
Photograph Paul Swanson

What’s Alberta’s best patio without some company?

No, we’re not talking about your friends – we’re talking about food and cocktails, like Stone Peak’s B.C. mussels and the Athabasca Mist. Consisting of vodka, dry vermouth and lemon juice, with the glass rinsed in green chartreuse for a refreshing, liquorice-like smack, the Athabasca Mist is a delight on its own. And when you pair it with the mussels, it’s even better: The chartreuse brings out the best in the dish’s peppercorn, leeks and potatoes, too, and the lemon juice and vermouth complement the sundried tomato. “We do things a little different around here,” LeDrew says. “The flavour combination is really impeccable, and it’s important to pair it with a drink that has some depth and complexity.”

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