Office Grace: a Christmas gift guide

Stoke the fire around your workplace with an idea or two from our (heavily Albertan) gift guide

The economy has tried to drain us of cheer, so bring joy back to the office with gifts for your peers! We present a tailored gift guide that includes ideas for everyone on your list, from the boss through colleagues to your secret Santa. Each item can be found in Alberta and many are designed and produced in the province. Show a little love to Alberta-made! From smooth spirits to smart accessories to office knick-knacks, our gift guide features things that will bring joy to even the most downtrodden of colleagues, and you can feel good that your spending is helping to turn that economy back around.

17-christmas-gift-guide-002 / $65

There’s no better way to count down the days until Christmas than with 24 different handcrafted chocolates


What is a celebration without cake? Sign your coworker up for the Cake Club and she will receive a beautiful handcrafted cake three times a year

17-christmas-gift-guide-003 Gin/rye/vodka, $46-$50

From the glacier-sourced water to the high-altitude foothills grain, these spirits are authentically Albertan. The cocktail aficionado in your office will appreciate the crisp taste, and admire the bottle that could be too stunning to drain

17-christmas-gift-guide-004 $37.95

A beautifully curated cookbook with recipes from Edmonton’s finest chefs, for the office foodie

17-christmas-gift-guide-005 Depends on subscription: $28.45 for three months

Canda’s monthly candy subscription, for the co-worker with a sweet tooth

17-christmas-gift-guide-012 $25

Your coworker will appreciate the sentiment on this hand-printed coffee mug by Edmonton designer, Justine Ma

17-christmas-gift-guide-011 Depends on frequency, area code and subscription length: 6 month/12 bags $230

This Lethbridge roaster ethically sources every coffee it offers. Give with a clean conscience and treat your boss to a coffee subscription for a monthly variety of coffee

17-christmas-gift-guide-006 MoMa Calendar ($59); Glass Candle ($75); Ceramic Bear ($230)

The remarkable design of this perpetual calendar is a perfect statement piece for the executive’s desk. Bonus, the adjustable sphere makes the calendar reusable each year. And, for the busy boss stuck inside the office during her lunch break, this glass candle smells of fresh air and is packed with essential oils. For the artsy executive, the eye-catching ceramic bear from Jonathan Adler’s Glass Menagerie collection adds a touch of elegance to even the most cluttered of desks

17-christmas-gift-guide-008 $145

In Alberta, you can never have enough winter wear. Give the gift of warmth and comfort with this luxurious, cashmere knit scarf

17-christmas-gift-guide-007 2001 – Bison $399

Straight from the hands of a lifelong leathersmith, gifts can’t get more Albertan than these


One location in Edmonton, two in Calgary
Parker badger-hair brush ($96); Midnight & Two shaving soap ($34)

Knifewear, traders of knives and accessories, will provide everything needed for a clean Christmas shave

17-christmas-gift-guide-009 Floral Water Eau De Parfum, 60 ml ($120); Rose Chocolat Sea Soak, 237 ml ($38); Bespoke Session ($475)

Beyond an array of non-toxic beauty products, Edmonton’s Pura Botanicals creates bespoke perfumes from all-natural ingredients.

17-christmas-gift-guide-010 Saddlemaker ($180); Standard straps ($135)

Before they sell out again, scoop up one of these rugged, locally made watches that have won global praise

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