Reclamation Project

There might not be a more important piece of furniture in the average home than the dinner table

Managing partners Darren Cunningham and Leanne Wlock
Photograph Ryan Girard

After all, it’s part conversation pit, part home office, part poker table and, most importantly, a place to gather with your family, consume food and get caught up on the day’s events. That’s why it’s worth investing in one that can handle all the traffic and still last a lifetime – or, in the case of the tables from Edmonton’s Urban Timber, multiple lifetimes. “That’s one of our selling features: we build them to pass down in your family,” says self-described “urban woodsman” and store owner Darren Cunningham. “That’s the whole idea behind them. They’re solid wood – there’s no filler in them.”

They’re also all recycled, with the tabletops coming from salvaged oak and other hardwoods sourced from Eastern Canada and the bases made from the remnants of grain elevators in Western Canada. They start at $3,000, and come with the added benefit of all being one of a kind, given that each piece of reclaimed wood has unique characteristics. You can even pick the wood you want the table to be built from and have it custom-made in a matter of weeks. But it’s the longevity of the material and the timeless quality of a properly built and finished wood table that Cunningham says is the biggest selling feature. “We think the style and the way that we’re building it can last for generations.”

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