The Coffee Hipness Scale

All the equipment you need to escape the shameful office coffee

Coffee Hipness Scale

How hip is your method?

scale Gas station coffee
The hippest among us may even hesitate to call this coffee. It’s for desperate times, really
Office drip
The drink of the common people
Tim Hortons
“Timmies” has gone so far into the realm of uncool that it’s coming back around to ironic, which is about as hip as can be
Espresso machine
For the mainstream hippy
French press
For those who want to look like coffee connoisseurs
For those who are too good for the French press
For those who believe coffee that isn’t worth struggling for isn’t worth drinking
Pour over
Coffee shops figured out they could charge a premium for the kind of coffee you make when your machine is broken, and those who value inconvenience would pay for it
Vacuum pot
For those who believe coffee making is a science
Turkish coffee
Drinkers of traditional Turkish coffee have a level of dedication to their brew even hipsters can’t fathom
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