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April 2007

Apr 1, 2007
April 2007
Typography by Mark Simonson
Special 10th Anniversary Issue
This issue marks our 10th year in publication. To celebrate, we look back on the past decade, and glimpse into the future

10 Years, Two Perspectives
Alberta: Canada’s engine of economic growth, or a mismanaged basket case? You decide

The Next 10 Years
Flying cars, probably not. Here’s what to expect between now and 2017

Through the Eyes of a 10-Year-Old
The ups and downs of Alberta’s boom from the standpoint of a decade-old company

The Long Road
Stories and pictures from the 1,221-kilometre stretch of asphalt known as Highway 2

10 Years and Counting
Reflections on Alberta Venture’s first decade

Behind the Scenes
Thanks to all our contributors

10 Big Ones
Take our trivia quiz

Golfers Only Need Apply
It’s the quintessential capitalist sport. To get ahead in business, you gotta know how to play

How to Play Office Golf
Whoever said you need to be outdoors to improve your golf game?

F-150 City
No doubt about it, Alberta is truck country. Just look at Canada’s busiest Ford dealership

Out to Punch
White-collar workers take up the sweet science of boxing. Welcome to the real Fight Club

Vital Statistics
Remaking the Middle

The income trust decision didn’t just close a tax loophole. It destabilized a segment of the industry. Whither the energy sector’s middle tier?

Good to the Last Drop
The hunt for new energy from capped wells goes mainstream

March of the Megaprojects
An update on the industry’s largest undertakings

The Next Big Things
Six innovations poised to boost productivity in the oil and gas sector

Editor’s Note
Outfront: Rock ’n’ roll goes rural; tech firms priced out of the cities; Calgary’s office rental rates ranked globally; the healthy CEO; decade-old gifts; Way Downtown; the ATB Financial Business Sentiments Index and more
Prairie Trader
One of a Kind
Great Space
Grey Eminences
Open Range
From Outside In


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