The Fast Growth 50, 2009

Our list of Alberta's fastest growing companies for the past year

Growing a business faster than its peers takes more than a fortuitous position in a hot sector, as this year’s list of growth leaders shows. It takes a unique product offering, scalability and effective financial controls. We ranked Alberta’s companies by growth in revenues, assets, profits, head count and other criteria over the past three years. The list we came up with represents small business as well as large business, serving world markets as well as local ones, operating in cities as well as smaller centres, and working in information technology, real estate development and manufacturing as well as business, financial and oilfield services. Collectively, they present a catalogue of best business practices. As we venture into uncertain times, it is companies like these that show the way forward.

Top 25 Over $20 million | Top 25 Under $20 million

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Rank Company Revenues ($) Profit ($) Assets ($)
1Modus Inc.30Withheld10
2Abraxus Construction Group LP51Withheld25
3Petro Andina Resources Inc.913176
4Angle Energy Inc.5512134
5Strike Energy Services Inc.84Withheld38
6WellPoint Systems Inc.28450
7Sureway Construction Group347Withheld237
8Eveready Income Fund51818618
9Trinidad Drilling Ltd.629791
10Newalta Income Fund500611
11Hemisphere GPS Inc.58398
12Classic Construction Ltd.52Withheld37
13Breaker Energy Ltd.863230
14Clark Builders473Withheld151
15Flexpipe Systems Inc.45Withheld48
16Jayman MasterBuilt540Withheld590
17Crescent Point Energy Trust65242
18Great Western Containers Inc.53Withheld52
19Micralyne Inc.22Withheld14
20Fiberex Glass Corporation60Withheld70
21Tarpon Energy Services Ltd.277Withheld170
22PowerComm Inc.59239
23Phoenix Technology Income Fund1151885
24North American Energy Partners Inc.99057794
25Harvest Energy Trust4255