July 2010

2010 Alberta's 50 Most Influential People Media Release

Alberta Oil wins Magazine of the Year at the KRW Business Magazine awards

The Next 10 - 2010

Need-to-know vocab for surviving and thriving in the digital business world

Crowds, crowds and internet everywhere >

Despite Spar’s departure, insiders say the aerospace industry is poised for resurgence

Architects Build Environmental Features Into Design

Renowned Chicago architect Sara Beardsley of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture was a speaker at the Reimagine Series this spring in both Edmonton and Calgary. She spoke to Alberta Venture about redefining our urban landscapes >

Newest marketing role needs to align with your company’s needs

Why social media has moved from niche to normal for business

Training Options For In-house Social Media

By Any Name, It Smells Foul | Alberta panel discusses corruption

How to Keep Productivity Up While Social Media Rises

By Any Name, It Smells Foul: Audio

Eco-technology stock: Bubbles Fuel Investor Bargain

Seair Inc. has caught on to winning eco-technology >

Horsing Around | a profile of Calgary handler Kathy Butkovic

Rig Blast a Recipe for Disaster

Over-reliance on processes, systems and modelling trumps human judgment >

And Now For Someone Completely Different

Growth Spurt: | Alberta Venture Stops Over in Okotoks

Behind the Scenes at the Alberta's 50 Most Influential Photoshoot

While being selected is an honour it wasn't all a serious affair for our top contenders >

The Premier’s Council for Economic Strategy

Tech Essentials | The best business mobile apps for your phone

The best in new business technology >

Action Plan Online, Part 7 of 12

Winners’ Circle Online

Boldly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before

Changing the Tune | Profile of Derek Zhi Guang Chiu, Owner of Cantabile Wedding Music

Action Plan II, Part 7 of 12 | Integrating New Staff to Your Team

High 5 TeamBuilding Puts the "Fun" in Work Function

Social Media 101 Twitter List

The Buzz | He-cession

Parkade Paradise

RedMoon Custom Petfood reflects on earlier days

David Emerson Podcast

Listen to excerpts from Paul Marck's interview with David Emerson >

Alberta's 50 Most Influential People 2010

The deposits of oil and gas, the fields of cattle and crops and the majestic timber forests are important assets, but it is the people of Alberta who are its most valuable resource >